YUEBO Smart Night Light

Looking for a gift for parents of a newborn baby is anything but easy. Of course, it’s in case you do want your gift to be really special and not just some random thing. Are you racking your brains about what gift would be great for a baby? Let us help you there: here’s this awesome dimmable smart night light.

Why is it so awesome? Well, there are many reasons for that. You see, it’s more than just a bedside lamp – it’s a smart interactive gadget with several brightness modes. And it’s definitely what you’d want in your nursery room. After all, that’s one room that doesn’t need any harsh artificial lighting that’s too bright or too dim. YUEBO smart night lamp provides soft, warm, comforting lighting that won’t trouble a baby while it’s sleeping or its mom when she is breastfeeding. Just the perfect thing for your baby’s space!

Let’s have a closer look at what this amazing nursery smart night light offers:

  1. YUEBO night lamp is made of top-quality plastic. It’s nice and soft to the touch, non-toxic, and completely safe for babies. Please note that it doesn’t require any batteries and operates via a USB charger.
  2. This night light has three brightness modes and seven color modes. What’s more, it’s touch-sensitive and fully compatible with Amazon’s Alexa or Google Home. This means you can switch it on or change lighting/color modes simply by touching it or by giving a voice command. You can even control it distantly via your phone! Just upload an app to your phone and choose modes and other settings whenever you like. It can even connect to other YUEBO lights!
  3. YUEBO night light comes with a detailed user manual that will help you understand how to use it and control it. At the same time, it’s one of the most user-friendly gadgets that’s really easy to use.

There are many advantages to this gadget that make it a must-have item at home. Think of giving this amazing lamp as a baby shower gift. It’s one of those things that will be delightful for young parents. And you’ll be delighted to know that your gift is the greatest.

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