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Yoga for Kids

Yoga is a way to mindfulness. It teaches our mind to be calm and clear, and our body to be flex and fit. The practice of yoga as a regular basis offers a number of benefits for spiritual and physical health. You have already felt them if you rolled out the mat even once. The Yoga for Kids helps to instill a love of yoga to all family. So, for whom this book? For everyone who is aiming to enjoy full life: warmly relationship, effective work, interesting hobby, to be free from physical disease. Select this book and present it to someone who needs all of that: yourself, closed friend, relative, coworker. Yoga for Kids is a great choice to boost the communication in your family to a new level.

Family yoga time

Imagine, how great is to relax with your little ones during bedtime? How funny is to try stand “Dog up”? How calmly to find a balance together? The Yoga for Kids and Their Grown-Ups by author Katherine Priore Ghannam is a collection of more than 100 activities to have fun with your kids.

This book is a reason to spend more time together. It helps to create a strong connection with children while teaching the yoga asanas. In the pages of Yoga for Kids, you will find a manual of essential poses (standing, seated, balance, twists, partner), meditation practice and breathing exercises. It also includes funny yoga games to do it with younger children.

The Yoga for Kids and Their Grown-Ups is suitable both for beginners and advanced learners. Each pose includes a kid-friendly description of the techniques and the aim of the asanas. You will know which asana helps to strengthen your spine or arms, gives powers to heart and lungs. Also, in pages, you will find a colorful illustration to show how to do pose correctly.

From cobra pose to double gate, Yoga for Kids by Katherine Priore Ghannam offers everything you and your loved family need to become yoga practitioners.