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YISIBO Waterproof Kids Backpack

Looking for the best kid backpack in 2018? This is where your searches end. Nowadays it is hard to come up with the original gift and surprise younger generation. It seems that they have seen everything and lost the ability to be excited about new stuff. But wait when your kid sees this backpack!

Original and reliable kid backpack

This will be a perfect gift for a 2-8 years kid, either a girl or a boy. It is extremely light and made of high-quality materials. It will sustain the harshest impact of throwing and falling. You know how active kids could be at this age. So you will not need to buy a new backpack after a week of active using. This one can serve your kid until he or she asks you for a car due to the start of the school year instead of a backpack.

If you worry that this YISIBO Backpack will not suit the height of your kid, then relax. It has adjustable straps that can be comfortably aligned according to the unique size and posture of your child. They are made of air-max material and your kid will love using this backpack either for a school or for hiking and long-distance travel.

Kids at a younger age need to bring a lot with them: lunchbox, notebooks, pens, phone, tablet etc. This spacious kid backpack has the parameters of 9.4 x 7.5 x 12.8 Inch (L x W x H).

An important feature of the backpack is its waterproof material which will protect all belongings from the unwanted impact of liquids. Besides due to the unique formula, the backpack is easy to wash and clean.

What is important is that the seller provides money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your purchase. So no more hesitation. Make a great surprise for your kid. This is a perfect gift for the beginning of the school year!