Year Round Women’s Scarf

Isn’t it great to have an accessory that appears to be appropriate all-the-year-round? No need to put it off in the back of a dresser until the weather is right. The Year round women’s scarf provides its versatility. Moreover, its aesthetic design with flower-bird motifs in teal color gives a touch of charm and freshness. Must have in women’s wardrobe! It turns out to be a handy companion for warmth, coziness and comfort as well as a nice compliment for getting dressed up. That’s what makes it an excellent gift for her. Delight any woman on your list: wife or girlfriend, mother, sister or daughter, female friend or colleague. Express your love and gratitude by gifting this elegant scarf for anniversary, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Birthday, and many more occasions.

Use your creativity for limitless wear options

You can wear the Year round women’s scarf in all seasons. In winter, this accessory will keep you warm. In summer, it will save you from the heat of the sun. A cotton voile is the kind of fabric that is thin, lightweight, soft and ventilated.

Pairs perfectly with a huge variety of outfits. Perfect both with casual style jeans & shirt and with formal dress. Above all, you’ll get limitless options to wear it. Fold it to wear around your neck as a scarf, use it as s shawl around your shoulders, or make a stylish head wrap. Moreover, it is large enough to use it as a beach cover up or sarong. You can easily carry it anywhere with you in your purse, or outside as an eye-catching handbag accessory.

Care tips

The scarf is proving to be durable and colors to hold up well. Hand wash in cold water and dry flat for a long lifespan in the best condition. Please wash the Year round women’s scarf before first dress.