Worlds Smallest Electroshock Flashlight

There is a saying that “God Created Men and Sam Colt Made Them Equal!”. Having a deadly weapon for self-protection might be an option. But guns create a lot of dangers and headaches for their owners. You have to spend the time to learn how to fire. In addition, you need permission to carry the gun and keep it safe from your kids. Using the gun can cause an irreversible damage the o life and health of other people. Even if you want to protect yourself from the attacker, are you ready to take away his life? One needs strong nerves to make such an action. So for the majority of people, it is not an option to use firearms for self-protection.

What other options do you have? Maybe to spend years to learn how to fight? Learn how to use a knife? But even if you are a professional soldier or a bodyguard there is always a risk to be damaged in hand-combat.

What if we say that there is a way to easily protect yourself or your beloved ones from any physical attacker? Being it a human or a dog or any other animal? To use this option you do not need any training or any special physical ability. You can use it in any place and under any conditions without the risk of causing irreversible damage to anyone. Intrigued?

We proudly present you the world smallest stun gun/electroshock flashlight – The Guard Dog Hornet.

Small and light

It looks like some harmless keychain trinket. It weighs only 2 ounces and is just 0,50 inches thick and 4 inches high. You can place it in the pocket of your sports outfit, jeans or take it with you anywhere in your bag. One second, and you are ready to use it against the aggressive dog or dangerous attacker. You can chain this electroshock flashlight to your keys to make sure that you do not forget your protection and carry it with you anywhere.

Powerful and effective

Despite its size, this electroshock flashlight is highly effective and will work against the target of any size and physical features. It can produce 6 000 000 volt and 3,6 milliamp zap that will stop anybody. The stun gun is equipped with three powerful built-in LED flashlights that will help you to see in the dark to watch your step, open the door or make sure that nobody is hiding in the dark. This electroshock flashlight also creates a loud zapping noise which makes a psychological attach and can prevent the attack without any physical contact.

If you want to be sure that your loved ones are in safety – buy them this miniature electroshock flashlight and stay calm.