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Wooden Tetris Puzzle Box

Tetris is a classic and well-known game. The goal is to fill spaces with different figures to get the right ranges.

Wooden version of the popular children’s game puzzle “Tetris“ is an interesting multifunctional toy from SainSmart Jr.

Wooden Tetris Puzzle Box consists of 40 different colored pieces of various forms. Children should get the pieces together in a straight line. There are 5 colors in the set.
All parts are made of durable, high quality maple painted with a non-toxic water-based dye, so they are completely safe for children.

Wooden Tetris is fitted for a child aged 1-8 years. It develops the perseverance, ingenuity, logic, fine motor skills, color perception and design skills.

Ideally, kids need to collect all the details on the board without spaces. But it is way more interesting to create funny figures which look like animals, birds, plants and transport.
This is a wonderful alternative to toxic plastic toys or computer games.

Wooden Tetris Puzzle Box is an excellent gift that will be interesting for children for a very long time.