Wooden Sunglasses Polarized

Stylish accessories as a nice detail of your wardrobe are the things you never have enough. You’ve got a few items or a huge collection, doesn’t matter! A purchase of new one is not about absolute essentials, but about pleasure and self-confidence. In that case, what could be more important than your positive vibes and optimistic attitude? The Wooden sunglasses polarized by ‘Cloudfield’ brand offers a great chance to experience premium quality of the United States production. You will be extremely pleased how this wooden accessory enhances your outfit. You deserve to stand out!

Gift idea for everyone!

Due to unique design and eye-catching look, the sunglasses can be a special gift for someone you love and appreciate. Fancy and casual get together in the wayfarer style of this pair. Appropriate for both men and women. Looks good on most face types and shapes since it provides a proper fit. In addition, for the reason it is handcrafted, it turns out to be even more valuable gift.

Perfect for outdoor adventures!

The sunglasses are handy any time: city walks, driving, camping, sunbathing on the beach, and many more occasions. Just put them on in a bright sun and forget about blinding sunlight glare.

Let’s see what makes the Wooden sunglasses polarized so exceptional!

Are you still hesitating if the sunglasses are made of real wood? We may convince you, the manufacturer uses the highest quality bamboo. This kind of wood is lightweight and durable. A frame of each pair is handmade, thus unique. They fit every lens individually.

It is noteworthy that polarized lenses make sure your eyes stay completely protected. Double ultraviolet blocking coating won’t let the harmful ultraviolet rays reach your eyes.

What will you get with these ‘Cloudfield’s?

The sunglasses come together with a high-quality bamboo protective case. Moreover, you will get microfiber pouch and microfiber cloth for preventing scratches, extra protection and clean.