Women’s Memory Foam Booties

Winter is a season when you spend more time at home. A home-warm ambient space that is exactly what you need to feel physical and emotional well-being. In this case, some cozy accessories will definitely come in handy. Are you familiar with situation when you force yourself to get up in the morning from the warm bed? We are pretty sure how to deal with it! What about the Women’s memory foam booties by ‘RockDove’ brand? They appear to be a great choice to give as a gift or just to please yourself. Express your care about your families, friends or someone close by this lovely home accessory. Holidays on any other occasion will be appropriate.

Winter must have home accesory

Cozy comfort to your feet and ankles is what you get having this pair on. Note that here we offer 9-10 US size. They run true to size. Thus, if you wear 9 – 9 ½ or 8 – 8 ½ and prefer something loose, these house booties will work good for you. Fit with socks or barefoot. Don’t make your feet sweat.

Would you like to experience hugs on your feet? Well-constructed design provides comfortable and warm wearing. In detail, an outer layer of these slippers is attractive knit fabric in beige color with fluffy white collar and trim. The lining is delicate and soft. Memory foam insoles beneath your feet feel like the pillows. There are feet contoured molds for additional support. An extra layer features EVA foam with shock-absorbing properties. Need to step outside to the mailbox, to the walkway, to the garage? It is totally OK! A solid rubber hardsole allow walking on the wet surfaces. The Women’s memory foam booties may fit a little snug at first, but give them a few days to stretch out. No flip-flop sound, easy to switch into or out.

Washable in cold water on gentle cycle.