Wizard Snowy Owl
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Wizard Snowy Owl

Stuffed toys always bring pleasant emotions, good mood, and also nostalgic memories for adults. They allow us to remember the sweetest moments of our childhood. If you want to open the door of miracles for your kids as well, then Douglas Wizard Snowy Owl is an incredible toy to choose.

Key features of the Wizard Snowy Owl

A cool and realistic design makes this Wizard the Snowy Owl the greatest companion. It will excite both aficionados of these beautiful wise birds and lovers of the Harry Potter saga. This toy seems to be able to fly when you just avert your gaze for a second. Realistic look becomes possible thanks to bird’s blazing yellow eyes and tiny details.

The Snowy Owl is made of high-quality materials that allow a toy to save its presentable appearance even after hundreds of hugs, children games, and adventures. All the materials, including leatherette, plush fabric, and silky polyester are eco-friendly and non-allergenic. So we assure you that this product is completely safe.

This product is suitable for anyone older than twenty-four months. In addition, the Snowy Owl suits all European and American safety standards and requirements.

A valuable companion

Such a plush toy is great not for fun only. The Snowy Owl can help to develop the child’s thinking, allowing a kid to make up various stories and fantasize. Besides, many scientists say that the favorite toys help children to feel more confident in kindergarten, playing in the yard, etc. Also, many kids, fearing nightmares and the darkness of the night, fall asleep better if they put nearby their best plush friend.

Moreover, this toy is one of the products by the Douglas Company, which has been working at the market since 1956, gained a huge popularity and won wide recognition.

The plush toy is a sweet gift for either a boy or a girl. If Christmas, St. Valentine’s Day, birthday or any other holiday is coming, then this Wizard Snowy Owl will be an excellent present, letting feel its future owner like a true wizard outside Hogwarts.