Who has the most followers on Instagram in 2019?

Who has the most followers on Instagram in 2019?

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In one year Instagram increased its base of users to over 1 billion (as of January 2019) making it one of the social media juggernauts. Therefore, this mostly mobile network by many parameters creates more hype and receives more attention compared to Twitter, Facebook or other less influential social media networks. Celebrities, beauty-lovers, photographers, marketers and in fact anyone who has a mobile phone and is aged between 8 and 65 years love this social media platform. No wonder that influential people love measuring their success with the number of their followers on Instagram.

Before we show you the latest list of most followed people on Instagram, here are

10 interesting facts about Instagram:

  1. Instagram users have shared over 50 billion pictures.
  2. It was one of the tech-unicorns to be sold for over 1 billion USD in 2012, nowadays it worth more than $100 billion.
  3. There are around 5 billion likes on Instagram per day.
  4. Instagram users upload approximately 100 million pics per day.
  5. Up to 40% of all active Internet users have Instagram accounts.
  6. Instagram users uploaded over 5 million videos during the first 24 hours when this feature appeared.
  7. Over 70% of Instagram users are women.
  8. If you belong to one of Instagram celebrities, you can earn more than 100 thousand dollars for a sponsored post.
  9. Almost 100 million Instagram users are from the USA.
  10. Videos posted on Instagram receive double attention compared to other social media networks.

Consequently, each of the top Instagrammers has a reach to more people than presidents of countries or leading national and international news agencies. Just imagine, you want to share some information and tens of millions of people see instantly in their mobile phones. So, do you want to know the secrets of these uber-people? Maybe some of them are in your follow-list? So no more hesitation, let’s know the names!

12. Justin Bieber, Musician. 103.8 million followers on Instagram

Justin Bieber

Justin Drew Bieber is a pop singer from Canada who became famous after a viral video of his own composition “One Time” on Youtube. He is one of the youngest and highest paid performers of the modern music industry. In addition, Justin is regarded as the first artist. Fans watched his videos on Youtube 2 billion times.

The story of Justin Bieber is a modern fairy tale for everyone who aspires to conquer the starry Olympus and believes in his dream. A simple video of a singing boy from Canada miraculously attracted the attention of the influential manager Scooter Brown. Consequently, Scooter offered Bieber cooperation and a contract with Raymond Braun Media Group, co-owned by the famous rap singer Asher. So began the stellar career of an unknown boy.

Justin Bieber is left-handed. Nevertheless, he plays guitar, piano, drums, trombone. What is noteworthy, he learned the basics of playing each instrument by himself, without the help of teachers.

For two years, the singer was going out with Selena Gomez. The rapid success, the close attention of the paparazzi adversely affected the behavior of the young performer. There are new scandalous facts from the life of Bieber, appearing in the press. He was arrested and repeatedly had problems with the law for speeding in a drunken state, storing and using marijuana.

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11. Lionel Messi, Soccer player. 105.1 million followers on Instagram

Leo Messi is regarded as one of the best soccer players in our generation. He has scored more than 600 goals during his professional career. Currently, he plays for Barcelona football club and Argentina national team.

When you look at his profile it is possible to believe that he does not have anyone hired to keep his Instagram running. There are a lot of personal pics with his wife and kids. So we believe that there are a lot of female followers to his profile.

Furthermore, Lionel is gaining followers with a stunning rate – about 30m per year. 

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10. Neymar, Soccer player. 108.8 million followers on Instagram

Neymar is a Brazilian soccer player currently playing for the Paris-Saing Germain football club and the Brazilian national team. He is an incredibly talented football player that can use both legs proportionally effectively. Neymar is famous for his speed, dribbling skill and shooting precision.

Neymar’s Instagram profile contains a higher proportion of football-related posts but also a lot of pictures devoted to his son and wife. Some part of pics is also a marketing related posts. Usually, celebrities earn hundreds of thousands of dollars on such posts. No wonder, is there any other media source to reach 100m people globally instantly?

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9.  Taylor Swift, Musician and actress; 113.9 followers on Instagram

Taylor Swift

She is often called the ideal girl: beautiful and at the same time non-standard, talented and modest, simple and intelligent. In several years, Taylor Swift has turned into one of the most successful pop stars of the planet. Tickets to her concerts are sold in a matter of hours.

Taking into account her success it is interesting to know that at school, Taylor Swift was an outsider. “Everyone has horrible pictures. My photos from high school are just a nightmare. In general, I was not a star of parties at school and never felt comfortable among my peers. Therefore, now it’s pretty funny to read on Twitter the words of adoration from former classmates. But all the same, it is necessary to smile and write words of gratitude».

In 2018 Taylor presented her new video which instantly became viral and gained 10 million views per day.

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8. Beyonce, Musician and actress. 122.2 million followers on Instagram


This world-famous singer was born in Autumn of 1981 in South of United States – Texas. From an early age, she started performing in the church choir and dancing in small performances. This first experience determined her future success as a singer and movie star. Her first fame Beyonce received being part and later a frontwoman of the world known R’n’B female band – Destiny’s Child. She formed this band together with her cousin and friends. Beyonce’s father was managing the band. Much later she starts her solo career.

Beyonce became the first African-American singer and only the second woman in the history who received a nomination for a prestigious award of the best pop-author of the year of the American Society of Composers and Authors (ASCAP).

Her debut as an actress was in 2001. She played in an MTV show called Carmen: A Hip Hopera. Next year she took part in filming Austin Powers: Goldmember, a comedy. IN this movie she performed a role of Foxy Cleopatra. Also, she took part in recording the music for the movie. It was her first solo single named “Work It Out”. The single was recorded together with the band called The Neptunes.

Beyonce is a symbol of success. If we talk about numbers, she has sixteen Grammys both for solo and band’s performance. Like many other stars, Beyonce is known for her fashion engagement. She launched her own line of clothes titled House of Dareon. At the same time, such brands as Armani, Tommy Hilfiger, L’Oreal and Pepsi invited her for the promotion contracts.

At the peak of her fame, Beyonce received the status of the second most influential celebrity in the world according to the Forbes journal. In addition, she was among the most influential musicians in the world. She also appeared on the list of the most influential people in the world of the Times magazine.

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7. Kylie Jenner, Reality TV personality. 122.9 followers on Instagram

Kylie Jenner

This girl is only 21. According to American law, she just became an adult. However, she already has not only the world’s most famous family, husband, and daughter but also the most successful business in the country. This year, Kylie Jenner bypassed Mark Zuckerberg, becoming one of the youngest billionaires. Her income for the year amounted to almost a billion dollars. New collections of her lipsticks are sold in just a minute. And her name is known to every American. So what is the secret of her success?

It’s no secret that the greatest successes in life are achieved by those who want to prove to others that they deserve attention and love. Kylie was only 10 when the reality show about her family gained popularity, and her older sister Kim became the most talked about girl in the US. No one noticed Kylie. Thus, it was the desire to compete with her sister that made Kylie to experiments with her appearance. Until now, everyone is talking about the fact that she copies Kim in everything. But, it seems that little sister Kardashian does not care about all these conversations. Now she is a trendsetter herself.

Experts predict the early collapse of Kylie’s business. Because fans of the blogger will someday grow up. They will have their children, and they will not need lipsticks and eyeshadows in such quantity. But Kylie is confident that scientists will invent new technologies that will help her to develop her empire of beauty even further. Just recently Kylie lost one position on this Top list to another celebrity, so scroll down to see the name.

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6. Kim Kardashian, Reality TV personality. 123.8 followers on Instagram

Kim Kardashian

This world-famous celebrity was born in the early eighties in one of the most famous districts of California – Beverly Hills.  Nowadays she is famous as a model, star of the reality show, business owner and simply a scandal person. As a young girl, she participated in a reality show, filmed some sports tutorials, acted as a model. Later, the biggest fame she received from an incident when a tape with the intimate video of her and her boyfriend leaked to the Internet.

As Kim told the press, she had a really strict childhood. She and her sister had to visit church each Sunday and behave accordingly. So as young girls they lived in dreams that someday they will escape from the home prison and live their lives as they want.

Thus, they waited the time when they are 18 and can make decisions for themselves. Kim spent her childhood studying in a reputable school for girls with the Catholic program. She also tried to work at her father’s company to earn some money. When their father died, girls inherited his wealth and company. They decided to sell the company in order to have a decent life as they used to have when the dad’s company was successful and running.

As we have mentioned earlier Kim received her biggest fame thanks to the intimate tape became available for the public. On the tape, Kim spent time with her boyfriend, rapper Ray J. The company that possessed the tape sold it to thousands of people earning immense profits. The tape had a name “Kim Kardashian is a superstar”.

In the autumn of 2017, Kim Kardashian’s photos leaked to the Web without photoshop. Several hundred thousand people unfollowed her account in the Instagram after this event. Users were outraged by the difference between retouched images and pics shot by the paparazzi.

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5. Dwayne Johnson, Actor and professional wrestler. 126.9 followers on Instagram

Dwayne Johnson

When you look at the picture of Dwane Johnson, you think – what a charming giant! He is intelligent, funny, and talented. Nowadays we mostly know him as an actor. But he started his way to glory with the sport.

Everything began with the Football success. With his height and strong muscles, Dwane was a wanted player for numerous college football teams. Thus, one of the universities was successful in drafting Dwayne to play for them. He played college football until he received an injury of his back. After the injury, he has considered switching to wrestling as this sport requires less physical effort. Moreover, he had a huge potential to gain success in this profession with his looks. He took surnames of his father and grandfather as his pseudonym. So, when he was included in the wrestling hall of fame, he made eternal the names of his ancestors.

For his performance on the ring, he received a nick-name The Rock. Consequently, he has won numerous world championships and dominated wrestling world for many years. In fact, even when he considered ending his career as a wrestler the demand from the public was so huge that he had to return to the ring many times.

In August 2018, Johnson received the second place in the Forbes ranking of the highest paid actors of the year. For 12 months, he earned 124 million USD.

In 2019, Dwayne Johnson will appear in the role of Black Adam in the action “Shazam”. Movie’s action unfolds in the DC universe. In addition, the actor announced that he agreed to play Black Adam in all the upcoming franchise films.

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4. Ariana Grande, Musician and actress. 141.2 followers on Instagram

Ariana Grande

She is an American singer and actress, who has an unusual voice timbre. Despite the young age she managed to win the hearts of millions of teenage fans around the world. Her professional career began as a child on the TV-channel Nickelodeon. Today she records albums, plays in the movies, tv-series, and theater.

Ariana grew up in a Catholic family. However, after the statement of Pope Benedict that all homosexuals (including her brother Frank) are sinners, the girl refused Christianity and began to follow the teachings of Kabbalah.

During Ariana’s concert at the stadium in Manchester, a suicide bomber detonated a bomb in the foyer. The explosion killed 23 people and wounded 122. After these events, Ariana visited the injured in hospitals. She also organized a charity speech to raise funds for rehabilitation. Other stars such as Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, The Black Eyed Peas and Coldplay accompanied her in this initiative.

In the summer of 2018, Ariana released her fourth studio album, Sweetener, which hit the top of the Billboard 200 chart.

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3. Selena Gomez, Musician and actress. 144.5 million followers on Instagram

Selena Gomez

Selena is one of the most promising young artists. Her career as an actress began with children’s films and TV series. The most famous among them are: “Hannah Montana” and “Spy Kids 3: The Game is Over”. Together with starring in new movies, she started a career of a singer. Additionally, she performed in the band “Selena Gomez & Scene”.

In 2013 her first solo album “Stars Dance” was released. According to the magazine “Glamor” Gomez became a woman of the year in 2012. That year the brand “Adidas NEO” chose her as an icon of sports style and signed a three-year contract with a young performer. According to the contract she also performed some design functions. Selena produces her own line of clothing and accessories for teenagers called “Dream Out Loud by Selena Gomez”.

In 2013, it became clear that the singer suffers from lupus. Because of the disease, Selene repeatedly underwent a course of treatment. In addition, in September 2017 Gomez underwent an operation on kidney transplantation.

For two years, the young beauty met with the famous singer Justin Bieber, parting with whom occurred in 2013 by mutual agreement of the pair. In 2016 she started going out with the frontman of The Weeknd. But only 10 months after the beginning of the relationship, the couple announced the parting.

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2. Cristiano Ronaldo, Footballer. 149.9 million followers on Instagram

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano is the Portuguese footballer, striker of the Italian club “Juventus” and the captain of the Portuguese national team. He played the record number of games and scored a record number of goals.

Cristiano is a five-time winner of the Golden Ball in 2008, 2013, 2014, 2016, and 2017. He received the title of the second player in the world four times: in 2009, 2011, 2012, and 2015. Third Player of the world in 2007. He is a four-time winner of the UEFA Gold Bout in 2008, 2011, 2014 and 2015.

At the same time, he was the finalist of Euro 2004 in the national team of Portugal. That year he was recognized as the best young player in the 2004 European Championship. Together with the Portuguese national team, he became a winner of the European Championship in 2016. And lastly, he was the winner of the UEFA Champions League for the seasons 2007-2008, 2013-2014, 2015-2016, 2016-2017 and 2017-2018.

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1. Instagram, Social media platform. 273.1 million followers on Instagram

That’s right, there is no mistake here. The most followed Instagram account belongs to Instagram itself. With this account, the social media platform shares the best photos from the users all over the world. If you want to gain instant recognition and hundreds of thousands likes and followers, you should be dreaming about appearing in one of the posts by this profile. There are certain technics on how to achieve this, but we will cover them in one of our future posts. If you want to know about these technics – subscribe to Gifts Digest Twitter and e-mail newsletter not to miss the most interesting and important updates.

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