White Fang
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White Fang by Jack London

White Fang is a novel by famous American writer Jack London (1876-1916). The author lived only for 40 years and worked during twenty of them. But Jack London left a great literary legacy during his lifetime. Fifty books came out during and seven more after his death. Born in San Francisco, he had to earn his living since childhood. Having tried different professions, Jack London arrived on Klondike in August 1897. There, he experienced the harsh beauty of the North, the lives of people and animals who inhabited this land. All his works about the north contain love and respect for the nature of this region.

A legendary classics – White Fang

The White Fang is a wonderful story written in 1906 inspired by a Klondike stay. And although the book is over 100 years old, it still remains very interesting and fascinating. This work well shows the life of gold miners, their morals against the background of the beautiful nature of the north. In the center of the plot is a cross between a dog and a wolf named White Fang and its relationship with people. After going through many trials our hero manages to preserve the love to human and become his kind and faithful companion.

The book is a vivid example of an adventure genre, very popular and loved around the globe. The story begins with the first days of the life of a wolf cub, a detailed description of his life in nature. Describes acquaintance of a wolf with a man. The White Fang falls into harsh conditions and knows the cruelty of a human. But there are people who, by their attitude, have taught him love and devotion to man. White Fang will carry these qualities through his entire life, faithfully serving his master. A beautiful instructive story that is recommended for reading by children and adults. This book is a great present for everyone.

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