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What Should Danny Do?

Make sure your children are growing up to be mindful persons via the book “What Should Danny Do?” by authors Adir Levy and Ganit Levy. This interactive book helps them to build the understanding that choices build a life. Inside the pages of this colorful book, you will meet a Danny, follow his story, and learn how to make positive choices in every day. Due to true-to-life examples of consequences to negative choices your little ones will realize that their decisions can shape the day, and ultimately their lives. So, this book is a must-have for kids and also for parent persons. It might be your daughter or son, or your good friends with children. This book is a perfect gift for any occasion and celebration.

The valuable ability to make decisions

Let’s understand the power of choice. And let us do it together in company with a real-life superhero named Danny. Follow this young boy and grow up the power of making choices. Inside the pages of this book, your loved little ones will watch how Danny’s daily life is changing due to that decisions.

Advantages of the book “What Should Danny Do?”

Nine stories in one

The book “What Should Danny Do?” is not just a story. It is written in an interactive format with nine alternative finales. Each story is presenting how can change the day via different decisions. As your kids navigate through the storylines, they will understand that their wishes for Danny create his day into what it became.

Interactive “self-making story” format

Be sure that both your daughter or son will love story about Danny. They also will be inspired during the outcome each issue the Danny faces. One of the best of this book is the nine possible endings. And the only reader decide what to choose and how will be Danny’s day.

A lot of life lessons

The book “What Should Danny Do?” by authors Adir Levy and Ganit Levy is a real-life teacher. Every situation, which is presented in this book, give us lessons of sharing, empathy, patience, the importance of hard work, and several other skills. All of that helps children to make good decisions, and solve problems successfully.