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Westmark Food Slicer

Christmas Holidays are coming and you want to buy a gift for a woman? Or maybe you have a friend who is keen on cooking? In this case, a good idea will be to focus your attention on different kitchenware. And you certainly should look at amazing cheese and food Westmark Food Slicer with a board. It is produced by the famous German Westmark Company, so it is self-evident that you will get the product of high quality.

Westmark – German Quality and Reliability

All kitchen stuff produced by Westmark is well-known in the whole world. And their slicer with a board is not an exception.  Its blade is made of high-quality stainless steel, so be sure this item will be working properly.

In addition, you won’t face any problems when you use it for the first time. You can use this item to slice everything: cheese, radishes, sausages, cucumbers etc, but be careful and keep an eye on your fingers! Though, it’s really difficult to hurt yourself while using the slicer with cutting board, because Westmark equipped their product with a very comfortable and ergonomic handle made of aluminum. Furthermore, you even can adjust the thickness of the slice. Just turn the dial until you get the thickness you need for your salad, sandwich or other dish.  Besides, you can easily wash your board after the cooking. All what you need is a soap, water and your hands.

The slicer with the cutting board is so great and reliable that the company provides 5-year warranty for the product. If something goes wrong and you don’t like the item, you will get your money back.

No doubt, this slicer with the board is a dream of every chef. It will be a great gift idea for the person, who likes cooking, because it’s so easy to create a masterpiece with this product, that no one will be unsatisfied. Don’t miss your chance to impress your dearest people with this present!

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