Weiketery Culinary Torch

Is there a gourmet home chef in your life? We have already found a great idea to support her or his culinary talent. Weiketery Culinary Torch is the perfect tool for all types of cooking purposes. At just the press of a button, this device can help to create delicious meals no worse than in your favorite restaurant. From the sugary caramelized glazed top of a cake and a creme brulee to glazing a baked ham, finished a steak, or roasting vegetables, it helps to alive any cooking idea.

Advantages of Weiketery Culinary Torch

Safe and durable

Weiketery Culinary Torch is a case when quality meets cost. Both durable and safe, this tool can bring to life any cooking plan. The design with ergonomic handle and table base offer maximum comfort while using. It is also equipped with a security system for avoiding accidental ignition.

Adjustable flame flow

Weiketery Culinary Torch comes with an adjustable regulator, which allows choosing several flame flow. That gives more freedom for cooking experiments with desserts decoration, glazing of roasted meat and veggies, add texture to pudding. According to your receipt requirement, you can set hard or soft fire. It is also great that filled Culinary Torch can burn up about 1 hour.

Compact design

Weiketery Culinary Torch makes the perfect choice for using at home kitchen. Due to the compact and lightweight design, this cooking equipment is easy to hold for a long time. It is also easy to keep it with you for travel, barbecue or camping.

Easy to refill

Culinary Torch by manufacturer Weiketery requires butane for work. Earlier to first use, fill torch with fuel as explained below:

To refill Weiketery Culinary Torch, hold it upside down and well push the butane can spout into the filling device. The tub should be supplied in about 10 seconds. After filling before practicing, leave torch at least for 2 minutes.

Foolproof to use

Weiketery Culinary Torch is also easy to use while cooking. Just switch ‘on’ button from the child-resistant mode, and press the fire button. To set the flame, slide the gas controller from left to right. You can also choose the air flow in conformity with your culinary needs.