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Waterproof Vinyl Tablecloth

It is obvious textile accessories bring cozy touch to your home. What about adding a stylish home-warm accent? But together with advantages, cloth textile requires special care, primarily, when it comes to a kitchen or a dining room. Luckily, the Waterproof vinyl tablecloth by ‘LEEVAN’ brand is ready to meet this challenge. What is the secret? A polyester fabric makes it waterproof and oil-proof. Nevertheless, it maintains an attractive textile appearance with lovely geometric pattern.

Simple but elegant design combined with upscale quality and durability are the reasons why it would be smart of you to choose this tablecloth for gifting to your families, friends or significant person in your life. As a practical item, it has every chance to stand out among other useless stuff a recipient might get. Functionality and decoration, all in one to delight your close ones with this unique gift!

Wide spectrum of indoor and outdoor use

Perfect for indoors and outdoors, holiday and casual table setting. Suitable for party or celebration, potluck, brunch, dinner, picnic, BBQ, breakfast on the backyard, catering, and many more. Above all, the Waterproof vinyl tablecloth is proving to withstand daily use.

The dimensions are 54 x 54 inches. Suits on the dining room table in the kitchen, in the guestroom, etc.

The material for the tablecloth is grade A vinyl (PVC plus cloth). Smooth surface is pleasant to the touch. Customers admit it is heavy duty and thick unlike other plastic table covers. It provides a great protection for the table. No worries about scratches or any damaging. Moreover, drops of wine or other liquids won’t leak; spills like ketchup bead up and don’t stuck to the fabric. This table décor appears to be kids friendly. Don’t panic if your little one tested a pen on it! Thus, since the tablecloth is water and stain resistant, it is super easy to clean. Just wipe it out to get fresh looking.