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Waterproof Disney Baby Bib

Here is all moms essential! You might wonder why? The Waterproof Disney baby bib by ‘Bumkins’ brand is excellent in concept. It brings convenience for a child and prevents a mess at home or elsewhere. Above all, a cute Disney style is a great touch for fun and good vibes. Small useful things like this baby bib make your daily routine with a little one easier and more pleasant. Enjoy a family time without getting distracted by food spills on the baby’s clothing.

Eventually, the Waterproof Disney baby bib turns out a helpful gift for everyone who has children. This product fits a baby from 6 months to 2 years old. Think of giving something functional? Don’t hesitate to purchase this.

And now let’s see what are the main features of this Winnie The Pooh bib

Measures about 10 inches width and 9 inches from the neck down.

Well-constructed US design provides the baby bib to lay flat and not to pull on the neck. The Velcro closure on the shoulder works great for quick put on and off. A crumb pocket catches the food spills in order to save you from a mess and to reduce the loads of laundry.

The signature ‘Bumkins’ material is BPA-free and PVC-free, durable and soft, comfortable and lightweight. The greatest part of it, it has waterproof coating. Since there is no cotton layer, any stain or smell stick on the bib. And after all, no plastic smell.

You’ll have no problem with cleaning this baby supply. It is super easy to wipe and 100% machine washable. Just turn a crumb catcher inside out to wash neatly. Hang drying for the quick dry material recommended.

The Waterproof Disney baby bib appears to be a perfect go-to baby bib. It packs up really small and takes a very little space, thus it fits easily in a diaper handbag.

‘Bumkins’ brand based in Arizona in 1989.