Vintage 1920s Men Accessory Set

A glamorous twenties theme event is one of the most popular historic period to dress up for. Especially, after ‘The Great Gatsby’ movie came out. It is both incredibly fancy, attractive, and not so difficult to choose something to wear. Vintage 1920s men accessory set offers some must-have pieces to complete your fabulous gangster look. Costume night, theme party, photo shoot, you will shine on any event with this retro complement. Give this set as a gift to your boyfriend, husband or someone else special for you. He will definitely stand out with it!

Let’s see what will you get with this Vintage 1920s men accessory set:

A classic light brown panama hat made of hard felt provides proper fit for vintage or modern outfit. The adjustable suspenders (Y-back type) may extend to the size needed. Two eye-catching neck accessories in creamy color available to choose for a perfect match: a pre-tied textile bowtie or a fashionable tie. In order to impersonate in Gatsby look some more details might come in handy. In particular, a faux puff cigar and toy mustache (6 pairs).

Some tips about 1920s party outfit

The men’s clothing of the 20s could not occur without a classic black tuxedo jacket with notch lapels. Choose a white or other light color button-down shirt underneath. Besides, a light or dark vest to your liking will be appropriate. Flat front pants will suit perfectly to this look. The most popular shoes are classic oxfords. In general, muffled color variety is preferable.

Are you curious about the historical background of that style?

The US in 1920s is jazz, gangsters and parties all night long. People are tired of the difficulties of wartime, they learned to value each day since they realized this day may be the last. They lived spending huge amounts of money on chic parties, eccentric artworks, and luxurious costumes they couldn’t afford before.