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Vapur Anti-Bottle

Water bottle – it is so simple! It can be a cheap, single-use plastic one. Or it can be the same plastic bottle but with thick walls, flip cap, and a loop piece to clip it to almost anything. But, believe us, your water bottle should be an ergonomic Anti-bottle by Vapur. Apart from the above-mentioned features, this bottle is foldable and fits easily even into your jacket pockets. Once you’ve tried Anti-bottle it will become your only vessel to carry water with you. Let’s find out what makes it so cool.

Anti-bottle vs bottle

Everything started out in 2009 in California, when three outdoors fans tried to answer a question: ‘How many plastic bottles end up in the ground and oceans?’ This is how the idea of Anti-bottle came up – to create a practical water bottle people will use and re-use multiple times.

What it is made of

Anti-bottle consists of three layers: the outer one is polyethylene and two inner ones are nylon. The durability of these materials makes the bottle perfect for everyday use and regular washing. The inner layer doesn’t keep any tastes or odors so that each time when you drink water from Anti-bottle it feels like you’re drinking from a new one. The plastics don’t contain BPA and are proved safe by FDA.


Fill the bottle and it will stand still on the flat surface. When the bottle is empty, roll it, fold it or flatten. It takes minimum place in your bag and easily fits into pockets, packs, and purse. Vapur water bottle is the most compact and portable bottle in the world!

Easy to wash

You can wash your anti-bottle in a dishwasher. Remove the cap, inflate the bottle and place on the top rack. If you carry any other drink except water, it’s recommended to hand-wash anti-bottle with a bit of detergent and brush. Let the bottle dry well and it’s ready again!


Half-fill the bottle and leave it in the freezer for a night. Next day, add some more water in it and enjoy fresh cool morning water. Or fill the bottle full, let it freeze and use as an ice-pack if needed.


The bottle has a carabiner to clip it to your backpack when on the go. Keep your water at hand!

Vapur anti-bottles are available in 0.4, 0.5, 0.7, 1.0 and 1.5 L sizes. It will be a good gift for a child to take water to school, office workers and commuters, and of course fans of outdoor activities when storage space is scarce.

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