Vahdam tea gift set

High-quality leafy tea as a gift is an ancient tradition that does not lose its relevance even in modern time. Therefore, Founder’s Private Reserve Trio is an excellent gift set for different people. Vahdam tea gift set offers a breath-taking tea experience. The process of products transportation does not take too much time because a long trip has a negative impact on the tea’s character. Vacuum packaging and fast shipping guarantee top tea safety and quality. Vahdam Teas have been included to the 2018 list of Oprah Winfrey’s favorite things. In addition, the Tea Gift Set can boast of its six awards at the 2018 World Tea Championships. These facts are a faithful recommendation for tea connoisseurs and others.

Key features of the Vahdam tea gift set

Himalayan Green Tea will acquaint you with traditional tastes of the region. You will definitely feel delighted by its aroma. This green tea includes multiple useful components. For example, its antioxidants are an amazing preventive measure against cancer. This drink normalizes the processes of digestion. Green tea helps to fasten the work of innards, including the liver, intestines, and stomach. You will also notice its positive influence on gums and teeth.

Maharaja Breakfast Black Tea is a great choice for any time of day. This product also pleases with its multiple positive effects on body functions. Black tea stimulates brain activity and helps strengthen the immune system. It is also great for eliminating toxins and radioactive substances out of the body. Moreover, black tea cleans the blood vessels from slags, preventing the formation of blood clots. Besides, thanks to vitamins C, E, D, and nicotinic acid, this drink has gained the reputation of a longevity beverage.

India’s Original Chai Tea is the best way to surprise even the most demanding gourmets. This product consists of 100% natural ingredients. A myriad of species makes this tea a truly unique drink. Moreover, it has several health benefits. For instance, cinnamon regulates the level of glucose in the blood. The oils in cardamom have a very positive effect on fat metabolism, speeding up the metabolism process. So this tea can help you lose weight without harming your health.

A stunning hard-bound gift box consists the collection of tastes. The product’s wrapping is an embodiment of elegance.
The Tea Set is definitely an exclusive gift for anyone. Even people who don’t drink much tea will evaluate its rich taste with plenty of shades and delicate flavor.

Together with the Heated Travel Mug your tea will be always warm and tasty so these two items can be an awesome gift for your colleague, boss, friend or relative for Christmas or any other holiday.