VAHDAM Green Tea Leaves

Natural leafy tea is a gift that does not lose its relevance from ancient time to now. A person, who drink a natural tea get a dose of natural antioxidants from every cup. Regular tea-drinker also pleases with its multiple positive effects on physical and mental health. Therefore, VAHDAM Green Tea Leaves is an excellent gift set for everyone you care about.

Advantages of VAHDAM Green Tea Leaves

Fresh tea in the vacuum package

Green Tea Leaves by company VAHDAM offers a breath-taking tea practice. Thanks to the quick transportation process, it keeps all benefits for health. Quality vacuum packaging in cooperation with fast shipping offers the highest safety for each tea leaf.

100% natural components from the Himalayas

VAHDAM Green Tea Leaves is a hand-packing product from Himalayan tea plantations. This exclusive long leaf tea is a source of natural antioxidants and flavonoids. Thanks to the low-caffeine formula it can be drunk both in morning and evening. It also makes a great detox effect. Unlike popular cleanse teas, which promising fast results but contained synthetic flavors, VAHDAM Green Tea Leaves gives slow effect but keeps it for a long time. Therefore, enjoy it for every day and feel the difference.

TEAch Me initiative supporter

VAHDAM support every parent’s desire for a better future for children. The company offers the innovative supply model ensures fresh products and better value for farmers. Therefore, 1% of the company’s income is redirected towards the educational need for kids of Indian workers. This social initiative named TEAch Me already has a pilot chapter at Giddapahar Tea Estate in Darjeeling.

Original brand from India

VAHDAM company is a time-tested brand from India. From generation to generation, it has been supplying the world’s quality tea leaves drinks to more than 83 countries. The company is also the largest employers of manual labor in India.