Urpower 2nd Version Oil Diffuser

It is clinically proved that scent influences our mood, level of energy, concentration, relaxation and stress level. There is a common way to change the scent in your home. For example by burning aroma sticks or using some chemical air refresher. But burning sticks is dangerous because it can cause fire and chemical refreshers usually smell unpleasant and are not good for your health. But thankfully there is a gadget on the market that looks great and can diffuse aroma oil through your home safely and in an efficient and healthy manner. It is a Urpower 2nd Version Oil Diffuser. Due to its perfect characteristics and stylish looks, it can be a perfect gift for a relative, friend or a colleague.

Key features of the Urpower 2nd Version Oil Diffuser

The second version of the oil diffuser takes into account all the feedback from the experts and customers of the first version. All the enhancements allowed the manufacturer to have a perfect balance between quality and price of the product. A new generation of the oil diffuser produces more mist and is an ideal way to add moist to the air at home or in the office.

The producer recommends using 100% pure essential oils with no corrosivity to achieve the best result.

The diffuser performs a health-enhancing function. It is good to avoid dry skin, lips, and sinuses.

The device is completely safe. When the water runs out the diffuser will auto shut off. There are programmable on/off cycles in the Urpower diffuser.

Up to 100ml is the capacity of the gadget. With such a capacity its working time is up to 6 hours. It has adjustable two mist settings: continuously and intermittently. The device is very quiet, so you can use it at home, in the office and even during your sleep.

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