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Universal Sports Umbrella

Nowadays more and more people prefer spending their leisure time in the open air. They can relax on the beaches, in the parks, visit various sports events and so on. But even being outdoors, you need to think about your safety and consider how weather conditions can influence your state of health. Universal sports umbrella allows you to feel protected no matter what the weather is outside. It has a simple and elegant design. The product is available in firebrick red, turquoise, and midnight blue colors.

Key features of the Universal sports umbrella

The main difference between this item and other umbrellas is its size. The Sport-Brella has a large-diameter canopy and a sturdy construction that can withstand the strongest rains and hard gusts of the wind. This umbrella spans the square 44” x 44” when opened.

In addition, Versa-Brella is exactly what you need if you want to take care of your skin in hot sunny days. It protects your skin from UVA/UVB rays. Eye-protective tips and details of the silver coating will prevent your skin from burning.

The Sport-Brella is a five-way-adjustable umbrella with the universal clamp. Overall, you can fix this item wherever you need. It has a heavy-duty clamp that can be attached to both squared and rounded surfaces without any difficulties. Besides, the umbrella is easy to carry due to its fast and smooth folding down. A compact carrying case is also included. The item weighs less than two pounds so anyone can take this umbrella anywhere effortlessly.

The adjustability of the clamp is achieved in several ways. Firstly, the product can be opened to 1.5 inches wide. Secondly, there are two push-button hinges and four-way, 360-degree swivel. They allow you to cover yourself and others from any angle literally.

The Sport-Brella is easy in use for people of different age. This feature makes this umbrella a universal gift for all the nature-lovers who are also fond of active sports and lead a healthy life spending more time outdoors.

Indispensable for sports lovers

The Sport-Brella is a real treasure for men. If your men acquaintances, friends, and members of the family like to spend time in the countryside, playing sports and games, then this product can become an irreplaceable accessory of any outdoor recreation. This item supplies customers with reliable protection.

Besides, the Sport-Brella is a good choice for parents when going for a walk with children. With this umbrella, you can be 100%-confident that your kids will get the most out of the open-air activities without any harm to their health.

The Sport-Brella is an excellent gift for people who like to control their lives and want to be safe in any situation. There are no products on the market with such a great level of adjustability.

This awesome umbrella together with the Bushnell Legend L-Series Binoculars will make sports watching delightful.