Unisex Headband Set

Do you believe the best gift is wearable one? And what if we offer 6 wearables at once? Sounds great, doesn’t it? No need to look for a perfect gift any longer. Luckily, you have found what you need! Unisex headband set ‘KINGREE’ will satisfy your demands about fashionable look, multifunctionality and reasonable price. In addition to stylish design, it has broad spectrum of use. This set will be absolutely amaze those who have passion for headwear! Appropriate for women and men as well.

Home and outdoor use

These headbands will be good for outdoor activities like walking, running, biking, hiking, fishing etc. They are useful for working out or sports such as gym, dance class, yoga session, skiing, snowboarding and many more. Rainy morning, cool or windy autumn day, midday heat? Don’t worry! From now on, you are equipped for new exiting adventures!

At the same time, you can apply the headbands in your usual routine while taking care of household chores. In detail, hairband helps to keep the hair from getting into the eyes and face while cooking or cleaning. Even if you want to do an exclusive hairstyle or, conversely, need just to hide a ‘bad hair’ day, Unisex headband set is here for you!

Variety to choose from

Headbands are made of polyester microfiber. This material is soft, lightweight, breathable and stretchy. Seamless feature ensures maximum comfort. The colors are saturated and fade resistant. The set offers 6 various patterns. There is an option to choose whatever you like at the moment. Highlight your mood with the fashionable design of your favorite headband!

Different ways to wear

You can use the headbands broadly. Scarf, beanie, bandana, mask, balaclava, headwrap, sweatband, neck warmer, wrist band, even a sleep bonnet and many more ways are available.

In any case, Unisex headband set is a great solution for the head, neck and hair protection.