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Unemployed Philosophers Guild Mini Notebook

Are you looking for an awesome notebook to keep your plans and ideas in order? Then you are lucky because Unemployed Philosophers Guild managed to live out your dreams. The notebooks produced by this company are known for their unique design and high quality. And thanks to a wide choice of different models, you can find a notebook that will certainly satisfy your taste. Besides, thanks to its portable size, it’ll be possible to take it wherever you go.

Beautiful, Convenient and Informative

Each notebook has a place for personal photo and information about you. Besides, it’s not bigger than just a simple passport. There are also free pages for your wonderful ideas. Each notebook produced by this company looks unique and stylish. In addition, every model contains brief schemes or quotations, related to its general theme. You can find a notebook concerned with Nirvana, Utopia, Plato’s Republic, Hell or Heaven. Moreover, there are models with the sheets for sketches, musical notations and improving penmanship.

Thanks to the notebook’s portable size, you can keep it in your pocket, so it’ll be always ready to hands. It’s also durable and good for permanent usage in different occasions, either at home or during travel. The cover is designed with a colourful image and is really pleasant to touch. Such a notebook is also a great way to express your individuality and inner world. No doubts, everyone will find the variant to satisfy their taste and interest.

This cute and useful item can be a perfect gift for a person, whose preferences you know well. You can’t do anything better, than presenting such a notebook to your friend, relative, coworker or tutor. It’s also a good addition to a bigger gift on birthday, anniversary, Christmas, New Year and so on. Besides, the Unemployed Philosophers Guild notebook will surprise anyone on a professional holiday.