Twinkle Star LED Window Curtain

In order to make any special occasion truly bright, festive, and unforgettable, it is important to think over decorations for homes, offices or other premises where the celebration is planned to take place. With the help of fairy lights, you can beautify the interior easily. Twinkle Star LED цindow сurtain is the luminous choice for this purpose.

Key features of Twinkle Star LED Window Curtain

Many people consider the fairy lights to be exclusively Christmas decoration. However, there are multiple ways to use these lights in order to create a festive mood at any time of the year. For instance, in the autumn evening, this Curtain String Light will help to create a romantic mood. You can hang it on the window or on the wall, make your favorite drink, and have a good time watching different movies.

Twinkle Star Light is also perfect for a Halloween party. These warm-white lights will be combined greatly with other decorations like pumpkins, spider webs and bats. In addition, you can use this item as a background for either a romantic or a fantasy photo shoot session.

Eight different mode settings can help you relax and enjoy this beautiful shining view. A steady-on mode and a slow fading mode are great for relaxation. Waves- or flash-mode is gorgeous if you want to create a light and fun atmosphere.

Technical features

Twinkle Star Curtain is a product of high quality. Its basic features are UL certificated wire and output, and operation with adapter, 6.6*9.8 ft length. It is completely safe for kids’ use: all you need to power on/off the curtains is to plug in or unplug it.

Another wonderful thing about Twinkle Star String Light is that it is IP44 waterproof. This feature makes the product incredibly suitable for both outdoor and indoor decorations. You can hang it in various locations like bathrooms or restaurant halls, gardens or shopping centers. The lighting curtains can be used as a decoration on ceilings, floors, doors, etc. And of course, it is a perfect dressing for a Christmas tree.

If you are not fully satisfied with the quality of this product, please feel free to contact the manufacturer’s customer service team for a refund or return.

Twinkle Star Curtain String Light is an awesome decoration choice for anyone and for any occasion of the year. Go for it to create beauty in thousands of different ways!

This curtain will combine greatly with the Star Projector Night Light.