Total Madness with Exploding Kittens

Prepare yourself to awesome adventures where you will meet goats, laser beams and, of course, kittens. Forget about sound mind and logic, everything is possible in this game. Besides, Exploding Kittens is an ideal gift for people, who have a good sense of humour and like cats. This is the game, which will create a friendly and exciting atmosphere at any party.

Better than Russian Roulette

This card game for 2-5 people will change your opinion about board games. Though, you will need to create your own winning strategy, but also the victory is due in no small part to your luck. Furthermore, you can play this game even if you have just acquainted with the world of board games. The one round of the game usually takes about 15 minutes.

It’s a very dynamic and funny version of Russian roulette. First of all, you will need to put the cards on the surface and start drawing them by turn. The player loses when he or she draws the card with the Exploding Kitten. Although, you always can avoid the sad result if you use special Defuse Card, which will save you from the explosion. Besides, you can use other cards, which provide the players with different amazing skills.

After the purchasing, you will get 56 unique playing cards, instructions and, of course, the box with an amazing design. In addition, the cards are illustrated by The Oatmeal. Everything is made at a very high level.

The pleasant fact is that you can buy different extensions to make this game even better. These additional editions will provide you with the opportunity to play with 8 friends, new cards and bigger amount of kittens, explosions and madness.

Make your life happier and forget about humdrum with the Exploding Kitten. This game is an amazing chance to have fun together with your family members and friends. Besides, there is no better way to taste your luck.

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