Top 25 worst wedding gifts

Top 25 worst wedding gifts

Everyone who has seen how to organize a wedding knows that the process of preparing for such a solemn event always takes a lot of energy, time and money. Moreover, the process of preparing for the wedding affects not only the future newlyweds and their closest relatives but also all guests. People who are getting married, their family and friends usually take care of arranging everything. So the guests should think about choosing a dress to attend the wedding ceremony, and also about buying the most suitable gift for the couple. Sometimes it happens that you want to select the best gift but not knowing the common knowledge you can instead bring one of the worst wedding gifts.

Worst wedding gifts

Guests always have the opportunity to give the newlyweds money. This will be a good option in any situation. However, if you want to make a more personal gift to the couple, then you need to choose it carefully. The fact is that there are things that can not be given for a wedding. So if you do not want to get into a mess, then you need to know about what gifts are not recommended for the wedding.

1. Knives and forks

Knives and forks

Many people, choosing a gift for a wedding, start from the real needs of the newlyweds. Therefore, they give young only those things that can be useful to them on the farm. Some guests choose their collection of knives and forks. However, this present is undesirable. Superstitious people believe that such a gift leads to strife and misfortune in the family. But if you already bought a stylish set of knives as a gift for a wedding, then this is no reason to get upset. After all, you can always ask newlyweds to give you a coin for such a present. In this case, knives and forks will not be a gift, but a commodity.

2. Clock

HITO Silent Non ticking Wall Clock
HITO Silent Non-ticking Wall Clock

It is a common knowledge that the watch is an unwanted gift for a wedding. However, people continue to present and receive such gifts. At the same time, the clock tops the list of gifts that should not be given for a wedding. It is considered that this gift can cause a divorce or death of one of the family members. So think carefully before making such a present for the wedding. Perhaps it will offend the newlyweds.

3. Natural pearls

This gift can not be attributed to the most popular present, which is customary to hand over to weddings. But some guests give the newlyweds natural pearls, believing that this is a great present. However, it is not recommended to give it. It is generally believed that natural pearls are the sign of tears in the future.

4. Empty wallets, bags, suitcases

Merax Mellowdy 3 Piece Set Spinner Luggage Suitcase
Merax Mellowdy 3 Piece Set Spinner Luggage Suitcase

Some people, going to friends or relatives for a wedding, are sure that after the marriage, the newlyweds will go on a honeymoon. That’s why they want to give a newly-born family a traveling suitcase, which is sure to come in handy during the honeymoon. However, if you decide to present such a gift to young people, then do not forget to put any bill in the suitcase. The same applies to wallets and bags.

5. Things for newborns

Many people believe that things for babies are an ideal gift for the newlyweds at the wedding. However, this is completely untrue. The thing is that things for newborns are an undesirable gift, as many people observe the traditions and do not buy children things before they are born. Therefore, even if the bride is having a child, then it is not necessary to give children’s clothes and other things for toddlers for the wedding.

6. Large home appliances

Wanting to please the newlyweds with a gift, some guests give the newly-made families large household appliances. And although such gifts are truly meaningful and useful, they will not always be appropriate. The fact is that if the newlyweds after the wedding will live in the parental home, then large household appliances will only occupy space, and not be used for their intended purpose. So, when choosing a newly-married couple a gift, consider where the couple will live or this will become one of the worst wedding gifts you could come up with.

7. Furniture and interior items

In order to present the newlyweds such a gift, you need to know where they will live after the marriage. If they move to a fully furnished apartment immediately after the wedding, then your gift will be for them superfluous. Therefore, if you are going to buy such an expensive gift, then you should be sure that a newly-married couple really needs it.

8. Cheap souvenir

Any wedding is a truly solemn event, to which the newlyweds prepare for a very long time, spending a lot of effort, time and money on it. Therefore, if you give them a cheap bauble for a wedding, you will look very stupid. So if you are not ready to spend money on an expensive gift, then you do not need to buy a cheap souvenir, as it will never be a good wedding gift. Instead, give the newlyweds money in an envelope. Even if this sum is small, only the newlyweds will know about it, not all the guests.

9. Sharp objects

In addition to knives and forks, it is also not recommended to gift other sharp objects. And even if it seems to you that an exclusive saber will be an ideal gift for the groom, you should not present such a gift. Also, do not bring razors, including electric shavers for a wedding. There is an opinion that such presents can cause quarrels and conflicts in the family.

10. Antiques and old paintings

According to some popular beliefs, it is also not worth giving antiques and paintings of deceased masters for a wedding. It is considered that such gifts are charged with negative energy, which is transferred to the newly-made family. This energy can force the couple to repeat the setbacks of the former owners of antiques.

11. Handkerchiefs

If you want to present a set of handkerchiefs for a wedding, then you do not need to do this. The fact is that such a gift symbolizes tears in the family. Therefore, even if you have prepared a set of beautiful handkerchiefs in order to give them to the newlyweds, you do not need to do this.

12. Houseplants

Some guests believe that a beautiful houseplant can be an excellent gift for the newlyweds at the wedding. Their choice of such a presentation, they explain by the fact that a newly-born family needs a thing that can create a coziness in their house. Since the indoor plant copes with this task perfectly, the guests choose such a gift. However, if you want to present for a wedding a houseplant, then refrain from this. It is generally accepted that such gifts can have a bad effect on the health of members of the newly-born family. In addition, some believe that such a gift can negatively affect the health of the newlyweds’ children.

13. Mirrors

Decobros 6-inch Tabletop Two-Sided Swivel Vanity Mirror
Decobros 6-inch Tabletop Two-Sided Swivel Vanity Mirror

Even a stylish decorative handmade mirror is an undesirable gift. The fact is that such a present can cause the development of selfishness in the family. This can result in conflict situations between the newlyweds. So it’s better to refrain from such a gift as a mirror.

14. Hairpins and combs

Today, bridesmaids often give the bride all kinds of hairpins and combs. They believe that such a gift will bring happiness and joy to the newly-made family. But in fact, it is better to refrain from such a presentation. The fact is that such gifts can be the reason for the closure of his wife. Well, this can entail all sorts of conflict situations in the house.

15. Cuff-links and tie

For the same reason, you should not give the groom a wedding cuff-link, tie, and other similar men’s accessories, since a man can become henpecked.

16. An empty vase

In itself, a stylish vase is a great gift for the newlyweds at the wedding. But you do not need to give your new family an empty vase. The fact is that such a gift portends childlessness. Therefore, if you know that the husband and wife want to have children, then you do not need to give an empty vase. Before handing it is better to fill the vase with water and put a bouquet there. However, if you are uncomfortable filling a vase with water, then you can pour candy or trifles into it.

17. Fan or air conditioner

It would seem that such a climatic technique is a great gift for any person. However, when it comes to a wedding, it is better to refrain from such gifts. The fact is that the climate equipment is a harbinger of cooling in the relationship. So it’s better to look for another gift, and not the one that can ruin their marriage.

18. Fragile things

Many people know that it is not allowed to give fragile things to the wedding. We are talking about such presentations as thin glassware, porcelain figurines, a fragile service, and some other presents. It is believed that such gifts are harbingers of destroyed relationships. And although the stylish tea service seems like an excellent gift for the newlyweds on this occasion, it is better to think again before handing it over.

19. Roses with spikes

If you hand over a bouquet of roses to a wedding couple, then before you give these flowers, you need to cut off all the spikes from their stems. The fact is that roses with thorns are harbingers of tensions in the family. It is worth noting that in some salons florists themselves prune their thorns when you tell them that you need a bouquet for a wedding.

20. Sets of candles

At first glance, a pretty good gift is a set of aromatic candles. But in fact, this gift carries a hidden implication. It is commonly believed that such an inoffensive gift is a harbinger of the fact that love in marriages also melts quickly like wax on candles. Although candles is a very romantic present, try to avoid gifting them or otherwise, your present can be among the worst wedding gifts of the day.

21. Pets

Of course, very few people give pets to the newlyweds. However, such cases are known. So if you want to surprise young people with such unusual and extravagant gift, like a pet, you should not do it. Most likely, such a gift will disappoint the marrying people.

22. Kettles

Now a rather popular wedding gift are electric kettles. However, making such a gift should not be worth it. The fact is that teapots, including electric ones, can become harbingers of quarrels and an early divorce.

23. Photo of the couple in a frame

It is believed that to give photos of the young before the wedding is a symbol of parting. The same applies to the portraits of the newlyweds. So if you plan to make such a present, then it’s better to start looking for another gift.

24. Gifts with a price tag

Even if you bought a really expensive gift for young people and want them to appreciate it, you do not need to leave a price tag on it or put a receipt in the box. If the thing is really worthwhile, then a couple will understand it. Well, a receipt in the box, as confirmation of the high cost of the gift, will look pretty ugly. However, if you present a couple with some electronics, then the receipt can be left in the box since without it there will be no warranty for the gadget.

25. Things that you do not need yourself

If you want to give the couple a thing that you do not need, then you will show disrespect to the perpetrators of the celebration. Present the newlyweds with only those things that you personally would enjoy. In such way, you will not be lost with the choice of a really useful gift, which a new family needs.

If you are 100% sure that the bride and groom do not believe in signs, then you can give them absolutely anything. However, if you doubt it, it’s better not to risk it, because you can offend a couple with your gift.

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