Top 10 Halloween costumes for men in 2018

Top 10 Halloween costumes for men in 2018

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Every year it is a great struggle to come up with the original Halloween costumes for men. Men are often less creative than women and tend to procrastinate. So the Halloween party will be in several days and you still have no idea what your costume will be? Then you found the right page and here your search will end. We have selected some of the best Halloween costumes for an adult male that will suit any taste or interest.

Top 10 Halloween costumes for men in 2018

10) Men’s German Costume Set

Men's German Costume Set

Best Deal

We have included men Bavarian costume into our list of the best Halloween costumes for adults only because it is simple, easy to wear, looks great and will fit anyone. We recommend it only for adults because the costume has a connection to the tradition of alcohol drinking. So for kids, it is better to select something neutral. This costume will be a perfect choice if you are from Germany, have some German roots, love drinking beer or German cars are the best in the world by your point of view.

The costume includes the whole set of accessories, including suspenders and detachable bib, pullover shirt, a pair of knee socks, and German alpine hat.

The material of the costume is 100% polyester. It is durable, high quality, machine washable and easy to care and wear.

There are costumes of various sizes, so you can select the one that fits you best.

9) King of Egypt Costume

King of Egypt CostumeBest Deal

By our point of view, this is one of the best Halloween costumes for young adults. However, we have rated it only in the ninth position, because it will suit best young men with a good physical shape. If you do not have a nice physical shape, then this costume will look not so awesome, however, it may cause a lot of fun for you and your friends. Also, as there is a shirt in the set, you can cover your torso if you feel uncomfortable going topless.

The costume is of a very high quality. It includes great-looking Egyptian shendyt skirt with embellished waistband, royal Nemes headpiece, an eye of Horus necklace.

So if you are a sportsman, have a muscular body, this costume will be the best one for you. All girls will be longing for you to talk to them and some more.

8) Pirates of The Caribbean Captain Jack Costume

Pirates of The Caribbean Captain Jack CostumeBest DealOkay, we know, it is hard to surprise someone with the Jack Sparrow’s costume in 2018. However, we have decided to include this one in the list of top Halloween costumes for men with beards due to its premium quality. With the super realistic jacket, vest, shirt, sash, pants, belt and a sword holder you will look like a real Caribbean pirate. It will be perfect if you have a beard to complete the look. So this costume will suit engineers, rum-lovers and those who admire Pirates of the Caribbean franchise and Johnny Depp’s character in particular.

Wearing this costume you are officially allowed to dance on the tables, hang on the chandeliers, hijack ships, drink tons of rum and enjoy pirate life to the fullest. But, please remember that making harm to other people’s health or property is prosecuted by law.

7) Captain Obvious Costume

Captain Obvious CostumeBest DealWe would not include this costume into the list of the best Halloween costumes for men in 2018 because it looks simple and tidy. But the idea behind the costume is awesome. It is not just a costume of a usual ship captain. It is Captain Obvious costume!

Imagine how much fun you can have wearing this costume to the corporate party. But it requires some sense of humor from your colleagues. At first, they will not expect anything funny from you because the costume looks official and quite strict. They will think that you have some boring ship captain costume. But then you can start indicating some obvious things, like: “Did you know that it is Halloween today?” And when people start looking strange at you, you can announce that you are wearing the costume of the Captain Obvious. This is the moment when they start laughing.

The costume itself looks great. It is a 100% polyester. Poplin jacket has satin collar and lapels, ribbon trim on sleeves. You can loop shoulder cord through epaulets to make it look even better. So if you feel that you often admit obvious things, then this costume might be a perfect one for you.

6) Roman Gladiator Costume Set

Roman Gladiator Costume SetBest Deal

We believe that this costume is as awesome as Egyptian king’s one. But for this one, you’d need to have muscular legs to make it look great. We think that this is a great option for the cheap Halloween costume for male adults. The set includes a tunic, body armor with attached belt and cape, protective shoulder guards, wrist guards, leg guards and two pins on medallions. Please, note that sandals, sword, and shield have to be purchased additionally.

If you have some Italian roots or loved reading Spartacus, or you are a fan of the Spartacus TV series, then this costume is your choice.

A lot of women see Roman Empire gladiator as someone brave, sexy and romantic. So you will raise your chance with ladies wearing this costume.

There is a selection of sizes, so you can choose the most suitable for yourself.

5) Robin Hood Costume Set

Robin Hood Costume SetBest Deal

This is our top choice of the Halloween costumes for guys with long hair. With this costume, you will transform into a medieval knight of honor. Robin Hood of Nottingham was famous for taking wealth from rich and distributing it among poor people. So this character definitely has a positive flavor. Some women love bad guys, some like good guys. But being a Robin Hood you are bad and good at the same time = more chances to attract women from any camp!

The costume includes a leather tunic with a long-sleeve shirt, hood, vest, and cape, 2 gauntlet gloves of awesome quality, belt with pouch, a pair of pants with boot Covers. The costume does not include shoes as well as arrows and bow. Those you can purchase separately.

As you have noticed, we recommend this costume for long-haired men since that is how they had their hair cut in the Middle Age England.

So if the spirit of freedom and rebel is close to you, we think this costume is your choice.

There are small, medium, large and x-large sizes. So the costume will suit both smaller and bigger guys.

Why Not Dress Up Yourself as a Super Handsome and Courageous Medieval Robin Hood, a Legend in the Forest?

The costume is soft, comfortable, and easy to move around in. However, if you live in a warm climate, then it might be not the most comfortable choice. At the same time, it will be a perfect selection for cool fall weather in the majority of states.

4) Sadistic Scarecrow Costume

Sadistic Scarecrow CostumeBest Deal

This is the scariest costume in our selection of Halloween costumes for adults in 2018. We also recommend it as a good choice as last-minute Halloween costumes for guys because it does not require any preparation or makeup. You get it on you in a minute and everything is ready for a fun celebration. However, be careful with older people and small kids. The can be seriously scared. Especially when you revel the deadly smile of the Scarecrow.

The costume comes with a plaid shirt, burlap style collar, hat, and waist tie. You can add your own blood splatter effect.

The costume does not include bale hook, gloves, pants, and shoes. But you can wear usual jeans and any type of shoes with the costume. A hook is not an obligatory accessory.

3) Jedi Costume Set

Jedi Costume SetBest Deal

Stars Wars is an all-time classic. You will find people in any company who will admire your costume. It is made from cotton and polyester which ensures it’s high quality.

So have you ever wanted to be a powerful warrior of the future? Posses special force to persuade people to do stuff or use your light sward if they do not listen? This is your chance. This costume will be a good choice for men at any age. If you represent an older generation you can act like Obi-Wan Kenobi. Otherwise, you can be Anakin Skywalker.

The costume includes an inner tunic, outer tunic, belt, and pants. Make sure to purchase a lightsaber for this costume.

The sizes of the costume are regular US men sizes, so you can pick exactly yours.

2) Trump Piggyback Costume

Best Deal

If you read the news or watch TV you probably heard a lot about the leader of US. You may support him politically or not, but you can not manage but laugh at his jokes. He controls one of the biggest armies in the world with nuclear weapons in the arsenal.

Wearing this costume might be a nice idea. To show that you are proud to be American, living in a democratic, greatest in the world country. This will cause a lot of fun among people present at the Halloween party, you will easily meet new friends despite their political views.

1) Unicorn Costume

Unicorn CostumeBest Deal

What is great about Halloween is that it brings a lot of fun for all the participants of this holiday. For office workers, this is an opportunity to relax from the hard work and do some funny stuff. We guarantee that everyone at the party will laugh their stomachs of seeing you wearing this unicorn rider costume. If you work in a tech company, then this costume will be more than appropriate, symbolizing that your company will become the next unicorn of the stock market and everyone engaged will be wealthy and happy. This will bring additional positive feeling to everyone and your boss will definitely admit your devotion to the company. You even might get a promotion in the nearest time!

You might think that it will take a lot of effort inflating this costume and it is not like that. The produced included an air pump and blower in the package. Simply insert the AA batteries and the costume will be ready in seconds.

You will be able to walk, run, jump, sit and every your move will cause people around to have fun and enjoy themselves. That is why this costume is ranked as high as the 1st position on our chart of cute Halloween costumes for young adults.


We hope that you will like our selection of the best Halloween costumes for men. We know that each year you promise yourself to think on the costume beforehand and each year you end up with some silly option on the last moment before going to the party. We know that this year it will be different, cause you will definitely choose one of our 10 costumes.

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