Toast Bread Pet Mat

Looking for an equally funny and practical gift? Toast Bread Pet Mat is a hilarious idea for a pet owner in your life. Is created in the shape of the toast bread slice, this pet mat makes laugh anyone, who saw it at first.

Advantages of Toast Bread Pet Mat by company S-Lifeeling

Perfect for small pets

Toast Bread Pet Mat is a perfect solution for medium cats and kittens. Due to the size of 15.7 x 15.7 x 2.6 inches, this pat mat is also suitable for small dogs like a Chihuahua, Toy Terrier, Pomeranian, and so on.

Great support

The mattress of Toast Bread Pet Mat provides extra comfort and relaxation. It is made of elastic foam, which gives your lovely cat of dog good cushioning and support. Be sure, better snooze for your pet can promote their health.

Easy to clean

Toast Bread Pet Mat comes with a detachable mattress cover with zip fastener. Therefore, you can easily take out the inner foam mattress, and wash it by hands.

Multifunctional usage

Toast Bread Pet Mat can be a hilarious gift both for pet owners and persons with a sense of humor. Even your gift recipient does not have a domestic animal, he can use this mattress as a bed pillow or chair supporter. So, do not lose the opportunity to select this product for everyone you care about: friend, family member, coworker, or yourself. Toast Bread Pet Mat is also a great idea for White Elephant Exchange.

Variety of design

Besides Toast Bread Pet Mat, the company S-Lifeeling offers another cute pet supplies of different designs and shapes. So, you can choose from banana pet pad, hammock, hot dog mattress, shark pet cave or tart pet mat. We sure, both pet and his owner will be happy to get these products as gifts from you.