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Thermos Funtainer

If you love caring about your loved ones then it is crucial for you to have their food warm and well saved while they are at work or at school. But the majority of thermoses look clumsy or have too few space inside to fit proper portion of food or liquid. However, a revolutionary form and design of Thermos Funtainer changed everything. Thermoses never looked so stylish and never had such a smart form and functions.

Key features of Thermos Funtainer

This thermos has a special insulated structure which allows the products or liquids retain their temperature for as long as possible.

The designers of thermos used special durable materials for the internal and external structure of the thermos. This allowed the thermos to be resistant to possible damage and impacts.

One of the key features of Thermos Funtainer is its wide mouth. Through it, you can easily fill in the thermos with any kind of food or liquid. Moreover, the wide mouth lets the user eat the food straight from the thermos without the need to place it in a separate container.

With the thermos, you can prepare a lunch for yourself, your kid or husband and it will remain warm for 7 hours and cold for 5 hours under any external conditions.

The capacity of the thermos is 10 ounces. This means that it can fit in any portion of food that will be enough for adult or a child. Even if your kid is a sportsman and requires more intense nutrition, the Thermos Funtainer can deal with that task as well.

The important issue is the maintenance of the thermos and it’s washing. We recommend washing the thermos with hands. Due to a special form, it is very easy to wash it with hands. The washing machine can reduce the serving time of the thermos, so we recommend to avoid the machine washing.