The worst Christmas gifts

The worst Christmas gifts

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Christmas is inseparably associated with gifts for your relatives, friends, and colleagues. But to choose a good gift is a true art. Very often people either take this ritual too lightly or, on the contrary, try too hard. As a result of their excessive enthusiasm, nothing good comes out, only the worst Christmas gifts

You can find a lot of materials containing lists of the best gifts on the Internet. However, almost no one indicates what gifts will be the worst ones for Christmas. It would seem that this should be an obvious thing. The worst gift is a gift that the giver would not want to receive himself.

And yet, time after time, people step on the same rake when, instead of positive emotions and gratitude, a gift causes a bitter feeling of disappointment. To save you from such a situation, we have prepared for you a small list of things that are definitely not worth giving to anyone with whom you plan to save good relationships.

The worst Christmas gifts ever

1) Socks

Socks are not such a bad present. People use them every day, it is an extremely practical thing that will never be superfluous in any closet. The problem lies in the fact that this is a completely non-festive garment, and it is unlikely that it will please anyone. The exception is made of warm knitted socks with deer or other Christmas patterns, which are nice to look at and no less pleasant to wear in cool winter evenings.

2) Notebooks, and diaries

Nowadays, an increasing number of people are switching to keeping records in electronic diaries or mobile phones. So the good old notebooks are no longer a universal gift for all occasions. Again, in the case of the diary, you can simply not guess with the planning system or the line, convenient for the one form whom the gift is intended. There is a risk that the notebook will just gather dust somewhere on the shelf forever, without bringing a single drop of pleasure. But if you know for sure that your acquaintance, friend or close person really wants a collection notebook from a limited collection, even Santa Claus himself will not discourage you from such a purchase.

3) Calendar

The same argument applies here as in the previous case. In times when life is in full swing, only a few old school lovers use paper calendars, preferring their calendar on the phone. However, modern producers make calendars with beautiful photos and arts on them. So if you buy a calendar as an object of aesthetics, then your gift might be OK.

4) Chocolate

Chocolate is an excellent gift that can be presented to anyone, regardless of age, gender, status, or
other conventions that determine the appropriateness of the gift. However, there is one peculiarity during in the festive season: chocolate is given to everyone. And considering that at this time many stores are selling or offering discounts on sweets, you may well be faced with the fact that your gift will not be the only box of chocolates.

5) Scented candles

This gift is too simple and too predictable. This choice of a gift requires a minimum amount of time and money. But at the same time, the one to whom you give it may assume that you, in fact, do not care what gift to present. In addition, you can simply not guess with a smell, because taste is an individual matter. A salt lamp can be a much better alternative taking into account its design and useful features.

6) Scales

There are two cases in which you can give a person scales for Christmas. The first is if you are a million percent sure that he (or she) has long been wanting to get them. And the second is if you want to upset or hurt someone. In all other cases, the scales can be regarded as one of the worst gifts for Christmas. Unless they are smart scales 😉

7) Jewelry

You will surely find jewelry in the top ten lists of the best gifts. And we do not argue with that. However, it should be understood that jewelry is a rather expensive pleasure. For example, it can be extremely inappropriate for a colleague whom you barely know. So it is better to think a hundred times before giving jewelry to a person who does not expect that. Even if you like her very much.

8) Gifts that you do not need

As much as you like a gift that was once presented to you, do not even think about giving it to someone else. It’s ugly, rude and very offensive, especially if someone finds out your secret. Just imagine that you yourself receive a gift that was presented to someone last year. Not nice, is it?

9) Photo frames and photo albums

In the 1990s, when everyone was printing photos from cheap cameras, these were really topical gifts. But nowadays, most people view and store snapshots on a computer. Therefore, your gift is waiting for an unenviable fate – to lie and gather dust in the closet.

Now the walls are decorated with frames with photos in order to make an unusual detail in the interior. To create a composition, the frame must be selected in color and size. Try to guess!

Compromise: certificate for a studio photo session. A person will receive unusual positive emotions and beautiful pictures for memory and let him decide how to store them.

10) Universal wardrobe items

Everyone knows that you should not give clothes if you do not know the size and taste of the person. But when it comes to belts, shawls, gloves and other accessories, for some reason this rule is forgotten.

And for some reason, many people think that their loved ones are not able to buy socks and underwear for themselves. And they gift these essential things literally for all holidays.

11) Cosmetics

Skin type, age, the presence of allergies, the perception of fragrances, the brand – when selecting cosmetics, you need to take into account so much that it is better not to give it at all. But on Christmas, there are so many cosmetic kits in beautiful packages in stores that it is difficult not to be tempted. Moreover, inside there is usually everyday cosmetics for everyday use – gels, shampoos, lotions.

Forget about gels, soaps, and shampoos especially if you are not married! The spouse can sometimes be presented with such a gift, but only of very good quality. But any woman will be very pleased if you give her a visit to the spa for some exotic procedure like chocolate wrapping. On the other hand, makeup organizer can be a nice idea for a gift.

12) Towels

How tempting it is to buy colorful towels with Santa Claus and deer, which are on the shelves in huge number. This item will remind your family and friends about the daily routine and will not create the best mood before the celebration.

13) Kitchenware

Pots, pans, bakeware, meat grinders, knives, and other kitchen utensils remind a woman of her daily routine. Such a gift can always seem to be a hint: “you are a woman and your place is in the kitchen”, or “here are some good pots for you, maybe you can cook better with them”. In this gift in general, you can see a lot of hidden hints. So it’s better not to. Although if you know that your wife needs some very useful piece of kitchen equipment, you can make such a present for Christmas.

14) Pets

To give such gifts without asking is not a good idea. Again, the receiver of a gift may be allergic. Or maybe she just does not like animals. Perhaps your friend or relative is rarely at home for any reason and there will simply be no time to care for an animal. But if it an aquafarm or similar non-demanding gift, then it can be a very pleasant one.

15) Tie clip or money clip

The fact is that tie clips and money clips have become an attribute that executives, layers, and bankers use. And, most often they do that not at will, but by the will of status. Such a gift runs the risk of “lying on the shelf” and gathering dust for years. In addition, such a device is damn inconvenient.


So is there a recipe for the perfect gift? Some people joke that it is best to give things made with your own hands: they can not be returned to the shop. Also, do not forget to remove price tags from gifts and sign postcards. People love attention and warm words. You can buy sweets and flowers, but only in addition to the gift for your romantic partner. In addition, if in doubt, whether your gift will be pleasant, it’s better not to hesitate to ask what your loved ones would like to receive for Christmas.

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