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Harry Potter Wand

Both children and adults like fascinating stories about Harry Potter and his friends from Hogwarts School of Magic. J.K. Rowling made a breakthrough in literature. The saga impressed readers all over the world. The author was not expecting a rapid popularity but gripping fairy tales broke the record! Each of the novels describes the life and adventure of a young wizard, Harry Potter. All seven books became best sellers. They were translated into different languages. The movie based on the saga was also a great success. And now you have a chance to present your kid a real Harry Potter wand.

Why this Harry Potter Wand is so special?

All children like magic and everything mysterious, as well as adventures and challenges. They can find all these things in the saga. The books about Harry Potter teach them how to overcome difficulties and how to be brave. True friendship, devotion, resourcefulness… The young readers have a lot to learn from the main characters of these novels.

No wonder kids like to play Harry Potter. It’s so entertaining to show different scenes from the book! Of course, children need special attributes and toys for the really captivating game.

Each little magician dreams of a wand, the same as the main hero had. Such a toy would be the best present for any child. If you buy The Noble Collection Harry Potter Wand, your children will be happy without a doubt. This toy is an authentic replica of Harry Potter’s magic weapon. One of the features of this wand is its deep brown color, stylized to resemble wood. The end of the wand is jagged. This sturdy toy is made from hard plastic, but when you touch it, it feels like wood. The inner part of the item is made of real wood.

The attribute is authorized by Warner Brothers. The wand is packed in the original Ollivander box lined with beautiful thin fabric. The item is 15 inches in length.

The wand is suitable for children aged from 6 to 13 years. Although the toy is not an interactive one, it would be a great fun for kids who love being actors. It develops imagination, allows children to invent new variations of the game.

You can choose this toy as a present for your sons, daughters, and nephews. The wand will certainly impress all fans of Harry Potter’s world.

This wand will match perfectly the Wizard Snowy Owl.