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The Land of Stories Gift Set

While it might seem like there are no good kids’ books but the Harry Potter series, that’s just not the case. There are many talented writers out there who write great books for children and they are worth checking out. And when it comes to best children’s books as gifts, The Land of Stories gift set is one of the best options you can think of.

There is an old saying that a book is the best gift. Of course, it may seem a little outdated in our time of computers, gadgets, and the Internet. But in fact, they still widely enjoy paper books all over the world. And with this book collection, you can be sure you choose a quality gift, inside and out.

This series of fantasy-inspired six books was written by the famous actor and singer Chris Colfer. New York Times lists it as one of the bestselling book series. So you can be sure that by giving it to your kids, you’ll give them the best reading experience. Let them follow twins Alex and Conner into the world of fantasy adventure and roam the pages of their favorite book.

Here is what you’ll find in The Land of Stories gift set:

  1. Complete Land of Stories series of six books. Follow twin brother and sister as they discover a fairy-tale land inside their book in The Wishing Spell. Help them rescue their mother from the captivity of the evil Enchantress in The Enchantress returns. Watch the twins save the world of fairy tales in A Grimm Warning. Support them as they deal with their many problems, both related to the fairy-tale world and not, in Beyond the Kingdoms. See them travel the world of their imagination in An Author’s Odyssey. Finally, watch them save the world and prevent a disaster in The World Collide.
  2. This collection of six hardcover books looks absolutely stunning. It is a true pleasure to hold these books in your hands and look at the colorful, beautifully illustrated covers. Even more, it’s pure enjoyment to peruse the pages, following the breathtaking adventures.

So let your children dive into the wonderful fantasy world of The Land of Stories gift set. You can be sure that these books will absolutely enchant them. Which makes them the best gift you can give your kids for a birthday or holiday.

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