The best meditation gifts in 2019

The best meditation gifts in 2019

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The people living in the present era of digital technologies can hardly find time for relaxation and contemplation. All of us are constantly in a hurry. We are planning our days, weeks, months, vacations. In this endless fuss, we are living in the future. We skip the present moment. Sometimes it is good to stop, breathe out, and be at rest for half an hour. That helps a person to stay “here and now”, to feel the beauty of the surrounding world. That is the mindfulness practice. It implies the concentrating of an individual on the current moment. There are a lot of benefits of such relaxation. It helps to cope with depression, lowers stress, improves sleep. It also helps people to get rid of anxiety, increases tolerance to pain.

Top 10 meditation gifts

You must have acquaintances or friends who practice mindfulness meditation. If you want to please them on a holiday find things that help to contemplate. We have prepared a list of 10 best meditation gifts ideas for your relatives, close friends or colleagues.

10. The Pillow for Meditation and Yoga classes

Pillow for Meditation and Yoga

The REEHUT Zafu round pillow can be used for relaxation and meditative activities at home or in the gym. This cushion is filled with buckwheat hulls. The item is soft, comfortable, and hypo-allergenic. It is made from the high-quality fabric that is very pleasant to touch. One of the advantageous features of this pillow is that it has a removable cover with zipper. Anyone can wash it easily. The cushion is compact. It does not take up much space. You can take the item with you to the meditation or yoga classes. That’s one of the best meditation gifts for mom, sister, aunt or cousin. Such a wonderful thing would be a great birthday present. The pillow perfectly supports your spine and joints. It helps to reduce the neck and back pains. You may use the cushion for physical exercises. This thing also helps to improve your posture.

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9. Nothing nicer than a book for a present

The Daily Stoic: 366 Meditations on Wisdom

The Daily Stoic: 366 Meditations on Wisdom, Perseverance, and the Art of Living. There are books that can change a person’s life. Have you ever considered something that could help you to become healthier and more successful? How to cope with problems, change mindsets, and feel happy? People who often reflect on those issues would be glad to receive some philosophical reading. If you are searching for mindfulness meditation gifts of such kind pay attention to the Daily Stoic book by Ryan Holiday and Stephen Hanselman. Anyone can find something useful on the pages of this literary work. That is a collection of wise comments, thought-provoking ideas for each day of the year. Such an interesting book is appropriate for everyday reading. That is a wonderful Christmas present for your partner and friends who love philosophy and practice meditation.

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8. The reading for Yoga fans

Meditations from the Mat: Daily Reflections on the Path of Yoga

The yoga is the most powerful practice to teach mindfulness. The book written by Rolf Gates and Katrina Kenison unlocks all secrets of this technique. You will learn how to adopt awareness in your everyday life. The book Meditations from the Mat: Daily Reflections on the Path of Yoga would be a great help for all yoga lovers. This is a very inspiring reading, especially for starters and those people who want to learn more about the mental aspects of the popular oriental practice.

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7. Woodstock Silver Chimes

Woodstock Silver Chimes

Scientists have been exploring the influence of different sounds on the human body and mind for many years now. In this regard, it is particularly interesting to analyze the sound of various bells and chimes. The music produced by those instruments can save people from insomnia, lower stress, and anxiety. Woodstock Chimes would become one of the best meditation gifts for those who practice mindfulness technique with the smooth rhythms. The item is made of an ash wood frame, silver rod, and a small black gavel. A tap of the mallet produces the charming sound that lasts for 12 seconds. This instrument has a keyhole slot on the back, so you can install it upright on any vertical surface. The tones of the Woodstock Silver Chimes calm and help to focus on your thoughts.

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6. Tone Therapy System

Tone Therapy System

Another musical meditation device that all mindfulness enthusiasts like is N.O.W. Tone Therapy System. The item consists of two circular speakers and USB charging cables. Just press the “On” button and enjoy the pleasant sounds that help to relax. This system works perfectly for any kind of meditation. It also reduces stress, allows a person to overcome tension, anxiety, and even panic attacks. If your wife practices yoga and she is interested in various meditation techniques now you know what to buy for her birthday or your wedding anniversary. That is one of the most wonderful meditation gifts for her. The Tone Therapy System is portable. It can be used everywhere.

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5. Japanese Meditative Garden

Japanese Meditative Garden

Japanese rock gardens are very popular among people who are fond of Oriental philosophy and Zen Buddhism. These are desk compositions from natural materials that usually include stones and sand, as well as gardening tools (the small spade and the rake). Such a beautiful decoration would be appropriate for the interior in Japanese style. It is also suitable in an office. The rock garden in miniature can also serve as a meditation device. The kit includes a wooden tray, two ceramic figurines of cranes, polished stones, and a set of bamboo tools (a rake and a broom). You can create various meditative patterns and figures on the sand. This is a wonderful present for anyone. Parents will be glad to receive such a gift since they can motivate their kids to develop their imagination and fine motor skills.

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4. Meditation Orgonite Pyramid

Meditation Orgonite Pyramid

Your family members enjoy Feng Shui? They give much attention to their health and believe in the influence of the useful and harmful kinds of energy that fill the inner space of the home? Some men like to surround themselves with beautiful and useful things. In this case, if you want to please your husband, father or uncle consider such option as the Energy Generator Orgone Pyramid. Any man who is interested in esoterica would be glad to receive such a souvenir. That is one of the best meditation gifts for him. The manufacturers of this item used the technology of Wilhelm Reich’s Orgone Accumulator. The pyramid eliminates harmful radiation from smartphones, wi-fi, and other electronic devices. It also contributes to healing the body and soul. Colorful crystals make anyone feel good.

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3. Tibetan Singing Bowl Set

Tibetan Singing Bowl Set

People who have been practicing meditation for a long time will be happy to have special devices and accessories that help them to focus on the process and relax. One of the best gift ideas for meditators is the Silent Mind Tibetan Singing Bowl Set. This set includes a beautiful bowl with antique design, a little silk cushion, and a mallet. Tap or touch slightly the edges of the bowl with the mallet. That will produce a melody. Pleasant sounds work perfectly during the meditation process. Sweet tones contribute to relaxation. You may hold the bowl on your palm or just put it on the table. This set allows you to experiment with the sounds. Try to change the intensity of pressing or tapping and create various musical themes.

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2. The most precise clock

Now Clock - Zen Decor

Experienced people who have been practicing mindfulness meditation long enough claim that it is desirable to focus on your breathing. Try not to think about your unsolved problems. Think of what is going on around you just now. Be in the present. You can feel calm and happy right here. In this regard, the Now Clock with pendulum could be a great present for any mindfulness lover. This is an unusual wall clock. It does not have hands. There is the only inscription on the dial that reads: “Now”. The clock will remind its owner that it is the present moment that matters. Not the future that provokes anxiety or the past that restricts the personality development.

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1. The Original Buddha Board

The Original Buddha Board

Most of the meditation practices imply the teaching of how to get rid of bad thoughts, fears, and grievance. There is an amazing device for such technique—the Original Buddha Board. People who like to draw will definitely enjoy this item. The board looks like a small easel. You should fill a special stand with water, take a bamboo brush (it is included in the set) and draw, paint or just write your thoughts. The water starts to evaporate after a while, and your opus will fade away. Your friends and mates would be happy to get such a present. Let them write new pages of their life.

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FAQ on meditation and mindfulness

Are meditation and mindfulness the same?

Some people equate meditation with mindfulness. However, meditation is a broader concept than mindfulness. Mindfulness is one of the meditation methods. The aim of such a technique is focusing on the present moment. What you can see, hear, feel just now. Sometimes it is very useful. It will sharpen one’s mind, develops the ability to concentrate attention. Increasing our awareness we become happier and healthier. We feel freedom and confidence.

Are meditation and yoga the same?

No, they are not the same. Yoga is the Eastern practice while meditation is one of the five principles of yoga. Meditation allows a person to gain wisdom and calm. Different kinds of meditation help us better understand ourselves, become stronger and self-confident. Other principles of yoga include: proper exercises, proper breathing, proper relaxation, and proper nutrition. Yoga combines more notions than just meditation. This practice teaches people how to gain control over body and mind.

Can meditation help anxiety?

Yes, it can really help. Anxiety is a very strong negative emotion when a person is under a lot of strain. Meditative techniques help to get rid of this problem. Meditation allows an individual to relax, overcome tension. Such practices displace negative thoughts, reduce the secretion of stress hormones, normalize breathing and heart rhythms. A person learns how to govern his or her emotions. The conflict situations are less frequent. This alleviates nervous tension and anxiety.

Can meditation help depression?

Depression is a very serious illness. You cannot handle it by yourself. Taking anti-depressants is not a good idea. Sometimes a proper meditation works more effectively. Of course, serious mental health issues should be solved with the help of a therapist. However, meditative techniques allow us to focus on the condition “here and now”. Concentration on the present moment make us observers. We can see our negative feelings. Just look at these emotions. We do not try to fight them, cope with them. And those emotions leave us. That’s the way out of depression.

Can meditation be bad?

Sometimes it can. Meditation is an ancient practice. It is quite difficult, especially for starters. Beginners who try meditative techniques may feel irritation, nervousness during the initial period. At first, it is not easy to focus your attention on breathing. Sometimes a meditator is distracted by his or her unsolved problems, negative thoughts, everything that’s going on around. This often results in frustration, unwillingness to continue the meditative practice, lack of motivation. However, meditation usually brings the benefits when you do it right. We cannot be sure that meditation is useful for everyone but in most cases, it really works and helps people.

Does meditation work?

Yes, it does. Meditation really works. It helps us to calm, relax, cope with tension and anxiety, develop awareness and self-confidence. Those who regularly practice meditation claim that the quality of their life becomes better. Various meditative techniques can teach people how to manage the pain, develop the memory, sharpen the mind. The main rules of proper meditation are the right mood for the process and the right place in a peaceful atmosphere and solitude.


The mindfulness technique is becoming more and more popular nowadays. Anyone can practice this meditation. That is one of the best ways to strengthen your physical and mental health. There are a lot of gifts for mindfulness lovers. These could be books or compact discs, interesting souvenirs, prayer beads, etc. Gifts should be not only pleasant but also practical. Different things that bring delight to your body and soul. What could be better?

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