The Best Jewelry Gifts in 2021

The Best Jewelry Gifts in 2021

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“Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” – sang Marilyn Monroe and she was right. Not only diamonds, but high-quality jewelry is a very meaningful thing for the majority of women. Since antiquity, it was not only a luxury item but had a deep sacral sense. That’s why in modern times such accessories are also so enchanting and magnetic. If you don’t know, what to present to a woman, whether it is your friend, a family member or a sweetheart, another one bright jewel would always be a perfect gift idea.

Jewelry helps women to complete their image and express the peculiarities of the inner world. It also helps men to express their best feelings such as love or respect. Besides, it’s a durable thing that will recall pleasant memories during the whole life. Any holiday will be full of joy with such a gift whether this is New Year, St. Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or a special anniversary. The great variety of materials, shapes, colors, styles, and prices affords to make the most suitable choice. And the list below will provide you with the information about the trendiest jewelry to present in 2019.

Top 10 Jewelry Gifts

1. Alex and Ani Bracelet

Alex and Ani Bracelet

The bracelet has an elegant and original design. It is decorated with three charms and a bright Swarovski Crystal. Besides, the main feature of the bracelet’s material is that it’s recyclable and nature-friendly. It’s also durable and easy to take on. You can be sure that it won’t slip off your hand. Besides, it’s possible to choose the color of stone and metal according to the month of your birth or any meaningful date. The bracelet is tasteful and trendy, it suits to any look. No doubts, every stylish and eco-conscious person will like it. Moreover, the bracelet comes in a beautiful box that is good for gift giving on any holiday.

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2. Sterling Silver Earrings with Flowers

Sterling Silver Earrings with Flowers

These sterling silver earrings are a superb choice for a woman who adores nature. Their pretty and simple design reminds of warm summer and fragrance of flowers. These wonderful earrings contain natural Mexican flowers in resin, framed with sterling silver. Each pair of earrings is crafted by hands, so there are no similar items. This accessory is lightweight and 100% safe. It won’t cause an allergic reaction. As it is neither too big nor too small, it’ll be a good completion to a casual look. Besides, there is a special box, where you can keep the earrings.

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3. Kate Spade Square Stud Earrings

Kate Spade Square Stud Earrings

If you are looking for a motley glamorous addition to your look, these small square stud earrings produced by Kate Spade are a perfect variant for you. Due to the gorgeous and luxurious design, they will both suit your evening look and add brightness to your everyday style. Multi glitter provides a sparkling effect that helps emphasize your originality and playfulness. The earrings are made of brass that is rather durable and practical material. As they are colorful, wearing them will provide you with a variety of opportunities to experiment with your style. Besides, they can fit people with sensitive pierce site. There is also a cute little bag that supplements the earrings.

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4. Kendra Scott Pendant Necklace

Kendra Scott Pendant Necklace

Do you want to buy a present for a special woman? Then this Kendra Scott pendant necklace is certainly a great choice for such case. The mesmerizing deep blue Kyocera opal looks fantastic in combination with a golden frame. The length of the chain is 16 inches, it’ll fit garment with any type of neckline. Besides, there is a special symbol of the brand that verifies the authenticity of the accessory. Lobster-claw closure is easy and safe in usage. The company uses only the top-quality materials, so the item is durable. The necklace will keep its brightness and radiance for a long time. Besides, it doesn’t leave any stains on the skin.

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5. VIKI LYNN Black Pearl Pendant Necklace

VIKI LYNN Black Pearl Pendant Necklace

Such precious and luxurious accessory, like this necklace with a black pearl pendant, will help you to express the most intimate feelings. It’s a good compliment to a woman who means a lot in your life. The special feature of this item is a black Tahitian pearl that is one-of-a-kind and looks truly unique. As it’s organic, it needs special care. Take into account that you should keep it safe from any chemicals. The design is refined and feminine, it’ll certainly emphasize the tenderness of a woman’s soul. This necklace is good for presenting it to your wife or mother as a gift.

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6. Kate Lynn Woman’s Nirvana of Phoenix Pendant

Kate Lynn Woman's Nirvana of Phoenix Pendant

Do you know how to surprise a sophisticated connoisseur of jewelry? Kate Lynn woman’s Nirvana of phoenix pendant is the answer! It’ll impress anyone who is versed in vogue. Its shape represents an elegant phoenix, strewn with sparkling gems. Its Swarovski crystal shines with a variety of bright colors. There are two colors of this crystal: Crystal volcano and Bermuda blue. The necklace is made of lead and nickel-free metal that is harmless for your health. As the accessory belongs to a limited edition, it’s unique and original. It also needs special care, so you should keep it in a soft cloth free from moisture. Add such little fairy element into the life of your girlfriend, wife, mother, daughter or friend and you will see sincere happiness on her face.

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7. S.Leaf Sterling Silver Cat Necklace

S.Leaf Sterling Silver Cat Necklace

S.Leaf silver cat necklace is an ultimate gift for any cat lover. It’s small, pretty and made of high-quality materials. You may choose one of two variants of design – matte or mirror polish. The manufacturer uses sterling silver to craft this great item. The material is nickel-free and looks awesome. Besides, such the necklace is resistant to oxidation, so it’ll be shining brightly even after a long time of usage. Both young girls and mature women will appreciate this accessory. In addition, it comes with an elegant box and special polishing cloth that is convenient to look after the pendant and keep it clean and light.

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8. The Pearl Source Round Necklace

The Pearl Source Round Necklace

Bring luxury to the life of your friend or family member with the help of this round necklace created by Pearl Source. It’ll beautify your look and emphasize high status. The necklace is made of freshwater Chinese pearls and silver clasp. The perfect whiteness and luster of these natural gems make the accessory truly elegant. And as a pearl necklace is a classic accessory, it’ll suit any woman, regardless of her age or color of skin, eyes, and hair. Without any doubts, you’ll please any woman, who aims to be always fancy. Present it to her to show your love and respect.

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9. Peora Diamond Pendant

Peora Diamond Pendant

Peora diamond pendant is definitely a perfect gift idea for any woman. Its antique design will help you to look aristocratic and mysterious. The 2.50 carats gem’s color is saturated and bright. Its facets twinkle brightly in the rays of light. Besides, depending on the lighting, the gem changes its color from dark turquoise to violet. Moreover, white gold that frames the pendant is truly valuable, durable and presentable material. There is also a complimentary sterling silver chain with spring ring clasp for it. The necklace is just awesome and undoubtedly worth its price. Such a gift is a great way to amaze to a real fashion-monger and cause admiration on any holiday.

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10. Two-Tone Sterling Silver “Be” Necklace

Two-Tone Sterling Silver "Be" Necklace

This necklace is an original way to congratulate a significant woman and wish her the best regards without signing a postcard. It consists of two charms that tell to be “kind, free, true, brave, strong, happy, thankful, and compassionate”. Two colors: rose gold and silver look harmonious and stylish. No doubts such present may become a special everyday affirmation and will always bring a pleasant mood. Without too many unnecessary words it will express your love. Such accessory will fit your friend, family member or beloved woman, whether you present it to her on a holiday or without any special occasion.

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So now you can see the variety of the world of jewelry. There are a lot of ways to cheer up a woman, and giving her an original accessory is one of the best and easiest. You can always choose the item that will suit to that or another age or appearance category. Each brand creates special jewelry to any taste and guarantees high quality. The broad variety affords to create a holiday or romantic atmosphere whenever you want. Cute, funny, elegant, defiant, natural, sophisticated, strict or playful – every jewelry item is as different as a feminine soul is.



1. Can Jewelry Cause Cancer?

Wearing branded jewelry is absolutely harmless for your health. You may get poisoned from precious metals only by inhaling their fumes in big amounts. It’s dangerous for smiths, but not for those, who wear crafted products. At the same time the usage of the cheap low-quality jewelry that contains cadmium, lead, and nickel, can be really risky. But modern manufacturers avoid using these chemicals and mention if their product is lead or nickel free. So due to such information, you can be confident that the jewelry you are going to buy won’t provoke cancer or another illness. Besides, to protect your health you should point out its manufacturer. If it’s unknown, you can’t be confident in the safety of the item. Furthermore, if the jewelry has an obviously strong smell or leaves stains on your skin, don’t use it at all.

2. How Did Jewelry Get Its Name?

In the base of the word “jewelry” lies the Latin word “jocale” that can be translated as “plaything”. During historical development, it came through linguistic changes and resulted in the Old French term “jouel”. Then it was anglicized and became “jewel” (meaning any precious gem) and later transformed into “jewelry”. By the way, except for modern sense, in French, it also connotes church items.

3. Does Jewelry Go Up in Value?

The value of jewelry depends on many economic factors and may fluctuate. But overall the precious metals and gems are appreciated over time and can be a good investment. The price of jewelry depends on the demand for it on the market. Mass market items are not suitable to invest in. If you want to make a successful investment that will bring you money in the future, turn your attention to high-quality, unique, branded and rare jewelry.

4. Why Girls Like Jewelry?

Usually, girls are romantic and tend to experiment with their look in search of their individual image. With the help of accessories, they show their inner world, flirt, express playfulness and build their unique style. Girls often like to emphasize defiance and brightness of young age. They want to look modern and trendy, to match the latest fashion. Due to jewelry, they show their knowledge of all novelties in this sphere. A new item is also a reason for posting beautiful photos on Instagram and other social networks. As usual, girls don’t pay much attention to luxury. They may love this or that accessory just because it’s cute, funny or extraordinary. Besides, with the help of jewelry young girls feel more attractive and self-confident.

5. Why Women Love Jewelry?

Women’s interest in jewelry is explained by their desire to express either personal mature individuality or high social status. They want to highlight that they already have some important gains in their life. Besides, sometimes women consider receiving jewelry as a present as proof that somebody loves and appreciates her. Those who are more pragmatic may love precious accessories, as they can be good investments or as proofs of their richness. And of course, jewelry helps women to increase attractiveness and look younger.

6. When Jewelry Turns Black?

All sterling silver contains copper that may react with humidity on the skin or in air. If a golden item is made with silver or copper impurities, it will also turn black. Pure gold always keeps its brightness. Furthermore, it may tarnish because of frequent contacts with cosmetics and cleaning materials. To avoid darkening of your favorite accessories, just keep them in a dry safe place. Besides, don’t wear them all day round while doing housework.

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