The best ideas of White Elephant Gifts

The best ideas of White Elephant Gifts

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So, you have the invitation to White Elephant Gift party or Yankee swap, as some people call it. And what is the next step? A gathering always turns out to be exciting but choosing a truly good gift can be the most tiring activities. After all, it is hard enough to find a gift, especially, when you do not know all the members of an exchange.

Here, we have already found for you some hilarious ideas of gift in price $20 or less.

Our top of White Elephant gifts

1. Fat Cat Art

Let’s introduce your presentee of a white elephant game into the history of classic art via super cute ginger cat Zarathustra and his owner — artist Svetlana Petrova. Her artbook Fat Cat Art is an adorable idea of a gift for White Elephant Exchange.

The book of Fat Cat Art is a collection of the greatest artworks of Michelangelo, Salvador Dali, Leonardo da Vinci, Andrea Mantegna, etc. Each of the painting is improved with a modern and fun version of the story. For instance, do you know, why Mona Lisa is smiling? Why the woman make milk on Johannes Vermeer’s artwork? Or how really looks The Scream on Edvard Munch’s painting? Of course, the chubby ginger cat is an answer and a reason for everything!

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2. Giant Gummy Bear

Yes, we are not kidding. It is the largest gummy bear in the world! The Giant Gummy Bear includes the 1/2 pound (8.5 ounces) of whole cherry pleasant. Moreover, it is mounted on a strong stick for long-lasting happiness. No doubt, it will make a big splash in the White Elephant party.

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3. Desktop Boxing Kit


Knock, knock! Stress is going out from daily life via Desktop Boxing Kit. This product is noted among managers, sales, help desk specialists and other persons, who work at the office and face stress every day. So, if you have such members in your White Elephant Exchange, the mini version of punching bad is both the unusual and useful selection.

Beyond doubt, the Desktop Boxing Kit by manufacturer Running Press is an excellent addition of the desk that is able to practical relieve sadness and negative emotions. Both boxing enthusiasts and computer lovers will like this fun entertainment.

The Desktop Boxing Kit by Running Press helps to not throw the negative feelings out to the coworkers. This kit includes everything that needs for relaxation at the working place. Inside the pack, you will find the realistic miniature of a punching bag, that is appropriative to mini boxing gloves (for pointer fingers), and the detailed guide with finger boxing exercises for beginners.

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4. Bacon Bandages

You probably already know, the getting little skin injuries, burns or cuts can be actually painful and upsetting. The usual bandages over hurts also do not give nice feelings. However, we already found a comfortable solution, that also will be an excellent white elephants gift 2019.

The Bacon Bandages are able to relieve minor feelings of your presentee due to the extreme power of fun. We sure, the Bacon bandages by BioSwiss will make a big splash on your White Elephant party.

The box of Bacon Bandages includes 24 items that look like the tiny pieces of bacon. Each of them has a separate wrap and non-stick material at the center to protect damaged skin.

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5. Prank Pack Nap Sack

The Nap Sack by manufacturer Prank Pack is absolutely confusing. But not for a person, who learns about its secret. At first, you might ask yourself, which crazy person would like it? But if you look thoroughly, you will select it as a gift for White Elephant party. We sure, it will be a big hit. And your friends or colleagues will pass it from one to another and have a lot of fun.

It is right to say, that Prank Pack Nap Sack is not a real product. This item is just a ridiculous-looking box, where you can put a real gift. And the best part of this, the members of the White Elephant Exchange will not know about that and will try to get rid of it.

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6. Rubber Chicken Slingshot

Are you looking for a gag gift for close to your friend? The Rubber Chicken Slingshot by Namii W is one of the best White Elephant gifts under $20. Beyond doubt, this bunch of funny chickens will be loved by kids of all ages: both for 40-years old man with a sense of humor, and for 10-years old little girl.

The pack of Rubber Chicken Slingshot includes ten rubber toys and one container of water balls for them. The slingshots are easy and foolproof to use: just put a finger under the head, pull the tail using your other hand, and shot chicken for the target.

Rubber Chicken Slingshot by manufacturer Namii W has a length of about 4.3 inches and can shoot pretty far! It also sticks on different surfaces, even on your friend’s back. Then, the chicken slowly falls off, and it looks incredibly funny.

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7. Build-on Brick Mug

If you and your friends work at the office, you already know that the morning can be suck. But it easy to make it bright and breezy with a mug of fresh coffee. And it is also simple to make a day at work more pleasant if a coffee mug is funny and exciting. Like this Build-on Brick Mug by seller KYONNE.

This gift idea for a White Elephant Exchange includes two features for fun entertainment. Besides its main, mug’s function, the Creative DIY Build-on Brick Mug gives your ability to grows imagination via construction process. Due to the design with an exterior surface for building (like LEGO blocks), your presentee can easily change the appearance of his mug. This product is also compatible with the most popular building blocks such as Pixel Blocks, Mega Bloks, or KRE-O.

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8. Belly Waist Pack

Looking for something ridiculous to prank your friends? Bring the Belly Waist Pack as a funny addition to your party. No doubt, this product will make your mates laughing for a long time. Due to the design of a human’s belly, this waist pack grabs the attention of your buddies and make them laugh the minute when they see this Belly Waist Pack. It is also one of the best ideas of gag gifts for the white elephant hangout.

The Belly Waist Pack made of durable polyester. Due to the waterproof properties, this bag is suitable both for indoor and outdoor activities. So, if your white elephant presentee has a sense of humor, he can use this waist bag during a workout at a gym, running, climbing, hiking, bicycle riding or during walking with a dog.

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9. Dachshund Corn Holders

The canine-shaped corn holder is another gag gift to give more fun in your White Elephant Exchange. The Dachshund Corn Holders by manufacturer Charcoal Companion literally will be a hit during the party.

This kitchen equipment, shaped like a sausage dog, comes with 8 pieces that make 4 sets. The design of Dachshund Corn Holders is made in such a way as to connect the corn between the two halves of the holder (head and tail). The Charcoal Companion company is also produced other types of gag holders such as bubblegum colored pig, or realistic mini-corn.

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10. People of Walmart Coloring Book

If you are looking for something, that makes your friend’s or coworker’s eyes burn with laughing spark, this is the perfect gift for White Elephant Exchange The Walmart Coloring Book is the epic coloring book for adults includes 37 single sided images, that, beyond doubt, makes your friends laugh. The pages of this book also include original and intricate patterns, mandalas, swirls, and paisleys to color it and letting the stress out.

The authors of Walmart Coloring Book found the best of bizarre and funnies Walmart regulars and put them on the page of this book. You can use your creativity to help make their images even more interesting. Just grab a pencil or marker and make the characters alive via each stroke.

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11. Squishy Gold Mango

This product is one of the best white elephant gifts under $20. We sure, your friends will not want to exchange the Squishy Gold Mango. This squishy toy is an absolutely adorable thing to relieve stress. If one of your mates always has to be doing something while getting stress, this gift is a solution.

The Squishy Gold Mango has super soft (like a marshmallow), and shining surface. It also smells like mango. Due to the ad hoc material, it gives more than ten seconds of rising time. This toy does not make a noise. So, it does not bother anyone, when you press on its surface.

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12. Mini Banana Plush

Discover 10 inches of amazing idea of a gift for White Elephant Exchange. We sure, your presentee will feel in love, when he or she looks at the cute face of Mini Banana Plush and touch its super soft surface.

Beyond doubts, this plush toy will bring a huge smile on the faces of your friends. It is produced of polyester fiber, that makes incredible feeling for everyone, who touches it.

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13. Crafting with Cat Hair Book

Are there cats owners in the company of your friends? If we right, choose the Crafting with Cat Hair Book as a gift for White Elephant Exchange. This quirky book will help to find the use of a cat’s fur. After all, that already covers all items in the house: furniture, floor, carpet, cloth and even the mug of morning coffee.

Crafting with Cat Hair Book is a manual to make unique crafting projects via cooperation with a lovely cat. Inside the pages of this colorful book, your gift recipient will know how to modify stray knots of cat’s hair into soft and cute handcrafts.

This book is written by Japanese author Kaori Tsutaya and translated by Amy Hirschman. The full-color images with easy to follow instructions allow users to make finger puppets, ornaments, kitty-decorated purses for coins, or even a cute pair of mittens with cat’s coverings.

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14. Lama Tea Infuser

Add more fun to tea time via Lama Tea Infuser by the manufacturer Fred & Friends. This kitchen equipment will make a splash among a bunch of your friends or coworkers. Do not lose the opportunity to select it as a gift for the next White Elephant Exchange.

The reusable Lama Tea Infuser by Fred & Friends is made of food-grade silicone material. So, it helps to drink a favorite hot beverage without indecomposable tea bags and environmental pollution.

This infuser is easy in usage. Just pull off the base, fill it with loose leaf tea, and connect two halves of the infuser. Place Lama Tea Infuser in a mug of hot water for a few minutes, wait and enjoy!

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15. Screaming Goat Figure

Let your friend the owner of hilarious product — Screaming Goat Figure. This mini goat will definitely become an exciting mate to someone who loves gag accessory. Choose it as a gift for a White Elephant party and watch, how you receiver laugh when he or she sees it.

This figure of goat sits on a tree stump and screams when he gets a gentle press. The Screaming Goat Figure also comes with 32 pages of the illustrated pocket book of fun details and trivia about goats.

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The White Elephant Exchange is a place where you can grow imagination and creativity. Regardless of whether you are looking for a practical, cute or pranky gift, your choice should be interesting. We hope you check such gift from our best white elephant gifts under $20.


What does a White Elephant gift mean?

A story tells that in ancient times the monarchs of Southeast Asia gave a white (albino) elephant to a person with whom they were dissatisfied. The gift like that became both happiness and punishment, because of a white elephant was considered a sacred animal. He needed a special diet, while not making a profit. So, the owner of a white elephant could waste all his money.

For nowadays, the white elephant transformed into the idiom. It means that the white elephant is something that costs lots, but has no practical purpose. As a part of gift exchange during holidays, the white elephant also means a hilarious item, that is selected to others for fun.

How to play the White Elephant game?

In broad outline of White Elephant exchange, each member brings a gift, that is wrapped and unidentified. All gifts are placed together in the area, where all players can see them. Also, participants take a number in order or draw their names to select a gift.

At first, the person indicated with number 1 selects and opens a gift from the whole pile. All of players must see that gift. On the second turn, the participant with number 2 can select another wrapped gift from the entire bunch, or “stealing” unwrapped gift from the first player. If a player with the second number decides to steal a gift, the first player must take and open another wrapped pack.

The entertainment continues in such a way, where each player has a chance to take someone’s unwrapped pack or take a wrapped gift. This process continues until all gifts stay without a wrap or until a certain amount of gift swapping has taken place.

When in a whole bunch no more gifts without a wrap, the player who has the first number, gets the last turn. If he or she decides not to take a gift from someone and keeps the one they already have, the exchange is over. If the number 1 wants to steal a gift, the activity goes on until someone chooses to keep their pack, rather than steal it.

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