The Best Gifts for Sherlock Fans

The Best Gifts for Sherlock Fans

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Television became an integral part of our life. Every day we watch different TV series and films. There are even such people who can’t imagine their life without their favorite characters. A great example of such popularity is the BBC Sherlock series that has thousands of fans across the world. Many of them want to become as smart as the famous detective. Especially for such people, we’ve prepared this list that includes the best gifts for any Sherlock fan.

Top 10 Gifts for Sherlock Fans

1. Sherlock Refrigerator Magnets Set

Sherlock Refrigerator Magnets Set

Probably, every fan of Sherlock has favorite quotes from this series and if you know such a person, you should definitely present them with these magnets. They are made of top-quality materials and will certainly amaze your friend, coworker or relative. The set includes four 1.25 in round magnets designed with different quotes from Sherlock. Furthermore, the text font and background of each item differ. That’s why one of the magnets looks like a chat message while another one resembles the graffiti on the wall.

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2. Sherlock: The Casebook

Sherlock The Casebook

This is a must-have book for every true fan of Sherlock. It describes each case from the series including the notes from Watson’s blog, police reports and newspaper clippings. Also, you’ll find remarks written by a famous detective. He uses them to organize the information about all the clues to break the most mysterious murder cases. In addition, the book includes interviews with the actors of the show, production team members, co-creators and writers. Plus, Sherlock: The Casebook is available also for Kindle. No doubt, this book written by Guy Addams is a perfect gift idea that will please any Sherlock fan.

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3. I Am Sherlocked T-Shirt

I Am Sherlocked T-Shirt

You can create your individual style with the help of this amazing T-shirt. It’s not just comfortable, but also it’ll show everyone which TV series is your favorite one. The T-shirt is made of high-quality cotton and preshrunk. Additionally, it’s designed with awesome “I am Sherlocked” print. No doubts, the fans of Sherlock series know exactly the origin of this phrase. Besides, the great fact is that the T-shirt is available in several colors, so you’ll definitely find the one to please your friend or family member.

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4. The Deduction Guide

The Deduction Guide

Sherlock always uses deduction to clear up even the most mysterious cases. And if you want to develop such skill, you certainly should buy this book. With its help, you’ll take a new look at the world around. The book will teach you “to read” people and provide you with a variety of how-to-do examples. You’ll discover information about body language and psychology. Its author, Louise Blackwood, managed to create a real treasure not only for people who adore the TV series about a famous detective but also for the ones who want to get new knowledge and useful skills. In addition, the book is available for Kindle.

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5. The Sherlock Holmes Handbook

The Sherlock Holmes Handbook

Take a look at this great book that will certainly satisfy any Sherlockian. It includes answers to the most popular questions about Sherlock Holmes. You’ll find out the information about the organization of Scotland Yard and the secrets of Sherlock’s life. Also, you’ll be able to enjoy awesome illustrations by Eugene Smith. The book’s author, Ransom Riggs, will also provide you with how-to skills, so you’ll become a real detective able to solve any puzzle or mystery. Furthermore, this book is a must-have item for any Sherlock fan, as well as a person who wants to develop their mind.

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6. Funko Pop Sherlock

Funko Pop Sherlock

Toys produced by Funko are popular among the fans of different movies, cartoons, games, and TV series. The company uses only top-quality materials and always pays attention to details. And this figure looks like a cute version of Sherlock. The detective is wearing his stylish suit and holding a skull. There are no doubts, that this toy is a great gift for people who adore TV series about Sherlock Holmes. Furthermore, it’ll become a great complement to the collection of other Funko Pop figures.

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7. I Am Sherlocked Hoodie

I Am Sherlocked Hoodie

The autumn is here and it’s just the right time to buy a new hoodie. So, why not to choose this awesome sweatshirt designed with a print from Sherlock series? The hoodie is made of cotton and polyester. Also, it’s designed with a double-lined hood with matching drawstring. You can be sure, that it’ll warm you during the cold autumn days and nights.

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8. The Sherlock Holmes Puzzle Collection

The Sherlock Holmes Puzzle Collection

Have you ever dreamt to join Sherlock Holmes and help him with the solution of different enigmas? If your answer is “yes” that you certainly should buy this awesome book. It includes 150 puzzles that will challenge your mind and logical skills. The mysteries are divided into different categories, from “elementary” to “impenetrable”. And, of course, all the adventures are set in the world of Sherlock Holmes. Also, you always can take a look at solutions in case you are completely at loss. This book is an awesome gift idea for the people who adore puzzles and the ones who enjoy Sherlock Holmes adventures.

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9. Sherlock: The Mind Palace

Sherlock The Mind Palace

A coloring book is a great way to relax and have some fun. And if you are looking for such item, you should pay attention to this official coloring book from the BBC. It includes over 50 scenes from the Sherlock series drawn by Mike Collins. The book provides any Sherlockian with the chance to recreate their favorite scenes. Furthermore, each illustration includes a clue from different episodes that you’ll be able to find only after filling a picture with color. This is a great gift for a high old time that will certainly satisfy any Sherlock fan.

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10. Mastermind: How to Think Like Sherlock Holmes

Mastermind How to Think Like Sherlock Holmes

Maria Konnikova is a professional psychologist and journalist. Also, she is the author of “Mastermind”. Her book can help you to develop logical thinking that will be certainly useful if you want to improve your life. The author provides its readers with secrets and practices necessary for the solution of difficult problems and enhancing of creativity. It’s no-brainer that this book can amaze not only Sherlock fans but also people interested in self-development.

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As you can see, this list includes gifts that will be interesting both for fans of the BBC series and the ones who adore classic Sherlock Holmes adventures. You can choose one present or even some of them and surprise your friend, coworker or relative on Christmas Day, New Year’s Day or birthday. Just check out all the gifts from the list, and you’ll certainly find a perfect gift.

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