The Best Gifts for Game of Thrones Fans

The Best Gifts for Game of Thrones Fans

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Winter is coming and it means that Christmas and New Year are on a corner. That’s why it’s just the right time to start buying presents for your friends, coworkers and family members. And in case you are acquainted with a person, who knows the history of Westeros better than any maester of the Citadel, this list of the best gifts for GoT fans will be definitely useful for you.

Here you’ll find the presents that can amaze anyone whether this is your mum, girlfriend or even boss. All these gifts are unique and can take GoT fans’ fancy. In addition, you can also spoil yourself with a special cup for a true mother of dragons or dragon eggs candles.

Top 10 Gifts for GoT Fans

Probably, everyone wants to get into the world of their favorite TV series. And due to different merchandise, this dream may come true. With these awesome things, anyone can expand their knowledge about the world of Ice and Fire, and even get some items related to their favorite characters.

1. Set of Dragon Egg Candles

Set of Dragon Egg Candles

Are you a true fan of Khaleesi? If your answer is “yes”, you certainly should purchase these awesome candles that look exactly like dragon eggs. Officially licensed by HBO, this set is a real treasure for GoT fan. It includes three 2.36″ x 3.35″ wax candles of different colors – red, green and gold. No doubts, such candles can create a mysterious atmosphere and become a great decoration for any interior.

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2. I Drink and I Know Things Beer Glass

I Drink and I Know Things Beer Glass

Any Got fan certainly knows Tyrion Lannister, one of the funniest characters in Fire and Ice saga. And it’s impossible to imagine him without a glass of wine or another type of alcohol. According to Tyrion’s words, he just drinks and knows things. And Desired Cart company used this quote to design its top-quality beer glasses. This is a perfect gift idea for a friend or coworker. Be sure, that the person, presented with this awesome beer glass, will roar like a pleased lion. Furthermore, Desired Cart offers a free beer opener that looks like a real Hand of the King pin and a beautiful gift box together with this awesome beer glass.

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3. LEADO 12oz Wine Tumbler Cup

LEADO 12oz Wine Tumbler Cup


This is another one cup designed with Tyrion’s famous quote. And it’s not just an awesome present, it’s really a reliable item. The cup is made of food-grade stainless steel. It’s extremely resistant to puncture, rust or any damages. It has a double-walled exterior with a vacuum-sealed area between the cup’s walls. Due to the optimal size, the cup is really comfortable to handle. It guarantees maximum insulation and allows keeping your favorite drink hot or cold as long as you need. In addition, the cup goes together with a free stainless steel straw, cleaning brush and amazing gift box.

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4. The World of Ice & Fire: The Untold History of Westeros

The World of Ice & Fire: The Untold History of Westeros

Probably, any GoT fan wants to know more about their favorite fantasy universe. And this amazing book written by George Martin can tell its readers interesting facts not only about the history of Westeros but also the lands beyond. The book is full of beautiful illustrations and interesting stories. Inside you’ll find family trees of famous dynasties such as Starks, Targaryens or Lannisters. Besides, readers can get acquainted with the culture of every region from the Fire and Ice universe. What is more, except for the fee-paying hardcover book and Kindle version, there is a free Audible version. However, take into account that you need to have an Audible trial to listen to this audiobook.

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5. Mother of Dragons Wine Tumbler Cup

 Mother of Dragons Wine Tumbler Cup

“Dracarys!” – in case you’ve always wanted to become a mother of dragons, you definitely need this cup. No, it can’t burn your enemies but still, it’ll keep your drinks cold or hot as long as you wish. Also, the cup is made of stainless steel and is truly unbreakable. It comes with a reusable straw, cleaning brush and BPA-free lid. And bear in mind that it’s not recommended to wash this cup in a dishwasher. Choosing it, you choose a great present that is perfect for drinking wine, coffee, soda or tea during cold winter nights or hot summer days.

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6. A Feast of Ice and Fire: The Official Game of Thrones Companion Cookbook

A Feast of Ice and Fire: The Official Game of Thrones Companion Cookbook

People in Westeros know how to celebrate holidays or victories in battles. Probably, you have always dreamed to visit one of such celebrations. And due to this book, every GoT fan has such an opportunity. Inside this cookbook, you can find more than 100 easy-to-follow recipes related to the meal served in 6 well-known regions of Westeros: Dorne, The Wall, The South, The North, Narrow Sea, and King’s Landing. Also, its authors have replaced some fantastic ingredients with the products you can buy in any shop. That’s why you shouldn’t worry that you’ll need to search for dragon eggs, camel meat or doves to cook a meal that will fit a king or a queen.

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7. Living Language Dothraki

Living Language Dothraki

In case you are afraid of being captured by Dothraki horsemen, this book is just what you need. It’ll help to learn Dothraki language including vocabulary and grammar. After reading it, you’ll be able to carry on a conversation like a real Khal or Khaleesi. The language course includes 128 pages and a one-hour audio CD where you’ll find more than 200 words, phrases, dialogues, and whatnot. You’ll also get acquainted with the words that weren’t shown in HBO’s GoT series or George Martin’s saga. “Athchomar Chomakea!”

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8. I Drink and I Know Things Whiskey Glass

I Drink and I Know Things Whiskey Glass

It may happen so that you don’t like beer or wine but you adore whiskey. If so, you should definitely check out this high-quality whiskey glass designed with a popular quote said by one of the wisest men in Westeros. It looks just awesome and may become a great complement for any GoT fan’s minibar. In addition, this glass comes with 3 whiskey stones that will help keep your drinks cold and chilled.

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9. Funko POP Game of Thrones: Arya Stark

Funko POP Game of Thrones: Arya Stark

This is an ideal present not only for GoT fans but also for people, who collect Funko POP figures. The manufacturer managed to recreate every detail. The tiny Arya even handles a small Needle, a famous sword presented by John Snow. The toy is made of top-quality materials and may become a perfect gift idea for a true fan of Starks’ House.

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10. TeeINKS Game of Thrones Ladies Tank Top

TeeINKS Game of Thrones Ladies Tank Top

Probably, any GoT fangirl adores Daenerys Targaryen and John Snow. Especially for such ladies TeeINKS company manufactured this great tank top. It’s made of combed ringspun cotton and poly fine jersey. However, make sure you’ve chosen the right size if you don’t want to get an extremely flimsy tank top.

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As you can see there are so many ways to surprise a true GoT fan. Furthermore, if you also can’t imagine your life without the world of Ice and Fire, you can purchase something for yourself. Also, don’t forget to read our review of the best Halloween presents to prepare for this upcoming autumn holiday.

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