The best gifts for engineers in 2019

The best gifts for engineers in 2019

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So the day has come when you need to find a perfect gift for an engineer. It can be your colleague from work, your friend, wife/husband, boyfriend or relative. It is easier to find something appropriate for a person whom you know well and for a long time. However, it is harder to select a suitable gift for an engineer whom you barely know. That is why we decided to prepare the list of the best gifts for engineers in 2019. We tried to select items that every engineer will like at any age and with any interests.

Moreover out list contains such items that people buy for themselves not so often. These gifts do not belong to the list of essentials. But if used they will make the life or a person more comfortable, easier and high-quality. So if you care about someone or simply wish to make a very good present, then this is your chance to impress an engineer with a perfect gift.

What we have considered while preparing the list?

  • paid attention to the latest and most advanced gadgets, because, believe us, any engineer will be delighted to receive some hi-tech gift for his/her Birthday, Christmas or Thanksgiving.
  • have selected the top products by price/quality match.
  • thought about people with different interests and hobbies so that this selection takes into account the most widespread options.

Our list of the best gifts for engineers:

5. Glion Dolly Foldable Electric Scooter

Glion Dolly Foldable Electric Scooter

It’s too long to walk, and bicycles take up too much space. What can I try instead? Folding electric scooter Glion Dolly – that’s what you really need.

This vehicle is, by the way, ideal for people who use public transport but walk an extra mile or more to their destination.

Advantages of the Glion Dolly electro scooter:

  • this means of transportation goes fast, and when you need to fold it, just press the lever of quick transformation and you can carry it everywhere.
  • it is necessary to hold Glion Dolly electric scooter in your hands. You can the scooter vertically next to its owner while waiting for a tram or train.
  • the scooter can be easily transformed into a suitcase on wheels in a shopping center or residential premises. Take it by the handle and roll it behind you.
  • rear electric brake will always stop the scooter, even on wet asphalt.
  • the existing reflector in the back and a bright headlight in front allows you to ride it even at night.
  • comfortable foot board.
  • the short steering wheel makes it easy to maneuver around pedestrians and cars.
  • smooth acceleration. While many electric scooters can sluggishly speed and stop, the Glion electric scooter basically keeps it under control. But getting the maximum speed can take some time.

Taking into account everything said above we can conclude that this electric scooter can be a perfect Christmas or birthday present for an engineer who travels with the public transport to work or gym. If a person needs to move on the company premises a lot, then this fordable scooter will be a nice helper and energy saver through the day. It saves travel time as well. It is possible to use it indoors if the company where a person works has a really big office. This will definitely be one of the best gifts for engineers who are younger and like to spend less time commuting.

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4. Ledger Nano S Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet

Ledger Nano S Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet

Each holder of digital assets thinks about where it is safest to store their cryptocurrency and which wallet will be the most convenient and reliable. You can find many review articles describing the main advantages and weak points of wallets on the Internet. They all summarize that hardware gadgets have the highest protection rates. Let’s get acquainted with one of them – the multi-currency digital wallet Ledger Nano S.

Nano S works with certified applications and can be used as a second security key for Google, Github, Dropbox, and other compatible services. Nano S comes with a set of Chrome applications for managing cryptocurrency wallets.

Ledger Nano S is a multi-currency repository that supports work with 41 digital assets (as of end 2018). You can use it to store all the tokens of the ERC-20 standard.

Hardware wallet Ledger Nano S has a number of very useful features:

  • First of all, it is multicurrency: on this wallet, you can store 25 different crypto coins.
  • With the help of a compact multifunctional case with an OLED-screen, it displays information on all transactions and confirms them.
  • Storage security is implemented through cryptographic encryption methods that are implemented by a built-in, onboard, chip-isolated chip.
  • The 2FA function makes it safe to use your accounts and wallet on various third-party resources (exchanges, exchangers).
  • Access to the Etherdelta exchange is present into the device: you can make the necessary payments or exchanges directly from the wallet without intermediaries.
  • In addition, the repository has a backup mode (BIP39 / BIP44), which will not allow you to lose control over your savings, even in the case of physical loss of the device.
  • The device has a compact, folding case with a USB-connection.
  • There is support for additional applications (FIDO U2F, GPG, SSH) and compatibility with other versions of storage (Ledger-Wallet-Bitcoin, Ledger-Wallet-Ethereum, Ledger-Wallet-Ripple, Copay, Electrum, Mycelium, My-Ether-Wallet, Green -Bits, bitgo).

To conclude we admit, that cryptocurrencies are one of the most popular ways to invest money nowadays. If the person for whom you are selecting a gift is into crypto-world, then this gift will be more than welcome.

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3. Luminette 2 – Light Therapy Glasses

Luminette 2 - Light Therapy Glasses

Glasses for light therapy Luminette 2 will help to quickly get rid of the feeling of drowsiness, improve performance, as well as improve sleep and mood. A feature of the device is a form that makes the device portable and easy to use. Glasses do not limit our movements, providing optimal therapy even during routine chores, reading or cooking. This is an excellent method of dealing with seasonal depression, lack of energy, sleep disorders, fatigue, etc. Together with a special mobile application Myluminette, glasses will help you quickly adapt to changing time zones, when moving or frequent business trips. With it, you can also determine the most favorable time for conducting sessions according to personal needs.

Advanced technology

Phototherapy glasses have a unique optical system based on Belgian Luminette glasses. Thanks to it, the generated light does not affect the part of the eye responsible for the vision, as it hits from above, like the sun’s rays. The light reaches the bottom of the retina rich in photoreceptors. Note that people who wear lenses or glasses can use the device.

Be sure that using the device is simple. The designers of Luminette 2 recommend regularly conducting sessions of light therapy, preferably immediately after awakening. The duration of the process depends on the selected light intensity and lasts from 20 to 45 minutes. The glasses are powered by a built-in rechargeable battery. A full charge is enough for 6 sessions. A USB cable is provided for recharging the device, there is also a carrying case and a cloth for use in the kit.

Key features of Luminette 2:

  • glasses allow phototherapy at home
  • charge the body with solar energy
  • threat chronic fatigue
  • help with disorders associated with jet lag or night work
  • the light does not blind and does not cause discomfort
  • 20 – 45 minutes of daily use
  • do not limit movement and visibility when wearing
  • suitable for people who wear glasses or corrective lenses
  • battery life – 6 sessions of light therapy
  • carrying and storage case included
  • are regulated by the size of the head
  • lightweight – about 67 grams

Engineers often work in the dark and for long hours. In addition, sitting at the computer is not the most active work and it reduces a person’s energy and tone. So the Luminette 2 will be one of the best gifts for engineers for the next occasion you will have.

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2. Muse: The Brain-Sensing Headband

Muse: The Brain Sensing Headband

Muse headband is a brain stimulator the daily use of which makes you more resistant to stressful situations. The gadget contains seven sensors that capture brain waves and transmit them to a paired device via Bluetooth. During training, you are watching a special video or listening to audio, to which brain activity responds in real time. Only three minutes of workouts a day is enough to significantly improve your emotional state. Using headband all the time, you will achieve a significant improvement in mind control, improve concentration, and attentiveness.

It is important that the company that developed this headband – Interaxon empirically proved the relationship between emotions and intelligence. Based on these data, they have created the Muse head band. Now you can take your emotions under absolute control, and therefore increase your effectiveness in all spheres of life.

Modern design

The case of the device is made of durable and flexible plastic. The developers presented the Muse headband with a form factor similar to the overhead headphones. When you first see this neuro-hoop, you can be confused, but after a detailed examination, everything becomes immediately clear. Wearing a device is easy. The hoop arc should run almost in the middle of the forehead, and the ears should be fixed immediately behind the ear. Thus, the device looks like a tiara. The device is sitting very nicely and does not create discomfort, because its purpose is to relax and bring peace and tranquility.

This headband will be a perfect gift for anyone working in modern companies. Our jobs today become more stressful each day. Meditation helps to be more focused and calm. But to learn how to meditate takes a lot of time and not everyone can master this process. The Muse will be able to help. This is not the thing that people are ready to easily buy for themselves because it does not belong to the list of essentials. But if you give it to an engineer as a Christmas or Birthday present – believe us, it will make him/her happy. Taking into account the therapeutic results of the Muse usage we place this gadget on the second place in the list of the best gifts for engineers in 2019.

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1. Ember Temperature Control Ceramic Mug

Ember Temperature Control Ceramic Mug

Each of us faced a situation when hot coffee poured into a cup, left on the table, turns into a cold drink in a few minutes. It is estimated that a comfortable temperature lasts only 37 seconds. This is especially true for winter time and cold rooms. You can use a thermos to keep the warmth of your liquid, but this is not always convenient.

And that’s where Ember Ceramic Mug enters. It can maintain the required temperature as much as the owner needs.

Well, for each drink there is a certain temperature at which it is best to drink. For coffee, this is about 55-60 degrees Celsius (if you do not take into account cold coffee). The lower the temperature, the less pleasure.

Stylish looks

The mug looks good. In order to understand how high the temperature needs to be maintained, it is equipped with an LED indicator. For hiking such a cup is hardly suitable, but for the home or for the office – almost perfect.

There is also a wireless communication module in Ember Ceramic Mug that allows you to adjust the temperature of the drink from your smartphone. The battery is charged through a standard micro-USB port.

Everything turned out well with Ember – the company created a mug that just works. Several technology-related platforms have already recognized this mug as one of the best inventions of the year.

So if the person you want to give a gift to loves drinking warm liquids, then this will be a perfect office gift, especially for the Christmas season. This is probably the most universal best gifts for engineers that we have in our list.

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With the list above you will select the best gift for an engineer for any occasion in minutes. Simply consider the age and habits of a person you are thinking about and select the best option. It is most likely that he or she does not have any of these items. And we guarantee that any engineer will be excited to receive each of the items in our list. So stop hesitating and go for it!

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