The Best Gifts for Artists

The Best Gifts for Artists

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Artists are usually extraordinary people, who require unique and extraordinary gifts. The crucial point of the artist’s life is their inspiration. Any of them will be glad to receive something which can provide them with a flash of inspiration. The best gifts for artists should help them experiment with their drawing styles or originate new ideas. Besides, such people need high-quality instruments to simplify the creation of their masterpieces. Moreover, you can choose the presents listed below to surprise your child. It’ll certainly amaze them and will help develop their creativity.

In addition, such gifts are suitable for any holiday. If you exactly know about that one of your family members, friends or coworkers adores painting or drawing, you can certainly present them with something from the list below. Such things will bring joy on a birthday or anniversary. They will be suitable for a New Year, Christmas and Thanksgiving Day. With their help, you can congratulate your family member on Mother’s or Father’s Day. Another good idea is to present such gift as a prize for personal, learning or professional achievements. And gifts for teenage artists are undoubtedly a great encouragement for future development.

Top 10 Gifts for Artists

1. Leather Journal Gift Set

Leather Journal Gift Set

This leather journal gift set can become a perfect gift idea for a creative person. Furthermore, it may be useful not only for an artist. The journal is also suitable for a poet and anyone who needs to note special thoughts and ideas. Such a notebook is good for making sketches and keeping them in order. The exquisite luxurious design makes its everyday usage pleasant and inspiring. Its cover is made of soft, but durable skin. Besides, it has a special pen holder that can help you to keep any of the artist’s art supplies at their fingertips. The item is convenient for taking it in a bag or a pocket. Plus, the journal is also lightweight and small that you can keep it in your hand without any inconveniences.

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2. JJMax Women’s Art Masterpiece Painting Collection Socks

JJMax Women's Art Masterpiece Painting Collection Socks

Among the best artists’ gifts, this one stands out. These socks are amazing and will certainly bring joy to any artist, art critic or a connoisseur of art. The most recognizable masterpieces are the core of their design. The paintings of Klimt, Van Gogh, Botticelli and other geniuses of the past will brighten your look and will help to express individuality. All the images are woven, so they will keep their colors for a long time. Moreover, the socks are pleasant to the skin and will keep your feet in comfort all day long. The fabrics prevent sweetening of feet. The size of these socks is unique, so they will fit anyone.

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3. Darice 80-Piece Deluxe Art Set

Darice 80-Piece Deluxe Art Set

Are you looking for a unique and useful gift for an artist? Then this art set is a perfect variant for such occasion. It contains the most popular suppliers for drawing. There are color pencils, oil pastels, and watercolor cakes sets. Each of them includes 24 colors. Besides, the kit contains paintbrushes, a sharpener, and two drawing pencils. Such a set is one of the best gifts not only for young artists but also for the professionals. To keep all items conveniently, there is a portable wooden case. It helps to organize all the suppliers and take them into a trip. This set undoubtedly gives a great opportunity for creative development.

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4. Zen Artist Board

Zen Artist Board

Choosing a Zen artist board as a gift is a good idea for any holiday. First of all, it provides anyone with an amazing opportunity for deepening into meditation and gaining inner calmness. You don’t need any special paints for it, just clear water and a brush. The board is absolutely reusable, so you can paint on it as long as you want. The compact size of the board makes it convenient for taking it with you wherever you go. It affords you conducting a relaxing art-therapy for yourself and to discover your creativity. After spending some time, painting on the board, you will feel relaxation and calmness. It can be also useful for professional artists as it helps to find the best variant of painting without spoiling big amounts of paper.

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5. “Stand Back I’m Having A Creative Moment” Apron

Stand Back I'm Having A Creative Moment Apron

Do you know what thing can be both useful and joyful for an artist or a crafter? It is an apron with a funny print! And such item, as this fully adjustable apron with an awesome print created by Attitude Aprons is just the thing. This is durable and good-looking present that will certainly surprise your friend or relative. Any creative personality will appreciate it for its print, which expresses that the genius is inspired and nobody should bother them. The apron is made of polyester, combined with cotton. It provides clothes with good protection from paint, clay or other materials. The apron has only one size that can fit anybody. Besides, this creative present is easy to wash and dry.

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6. Faber Castell Gift Box

Faber Castell Gift Box

This marvelous gift box consists of a great variety of pens of different colors. It’ll provide you with freedom in self-expression, so only your imagination will be the limit. Such a set is one of the most desirable gifts for artists who draw colorful images. It affords convenient and compact keeping of the brush pens on your desk. It is also safe for health, as it’s odorless, acid-free and PH-neutral, so the children can use it too. The paint inside the pens is top-quality, so it won’t fade away and will be vibrant and bright for years. Such a set is good for plenty purposes such as calligraphy or even designing.

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7. Rustic Town Leather Pencil Case

Rustic Town Leather Pencil Case

This leather pencil case produced by Rustic Town unites beautiful vintage design and usefulness. It’s rather slim, as its length is 8 inches, width and height are 2,5 inches. It will satisfy not only artists but also students and even businessmen. The case will stand you in good stead at school, college, university, at work, and at home. Its design is neutral and will suit both for men and women. It’ll organize your pens, pencils, and brushes, so you always will be able to find any of your art supplies in a couple of seconds. As it is made from genuine leather and doesn’t contain chemicals it is environment-friendly. Furthermore, the case can complete your style as a high-quality accessory.

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8. Qianshan Pencil Case

Qianshan Pencil Case

If you want to find a perfect gift for an artist, you won’t make a mistake if you choose Qianshan pencil case. It is spacious and, at the same time, compact. You can store a lot of useful items in it. The case can store 136 gel pen markers or 202 pencils. Besides, the top quality cover looks awesome. Furthermore, you can choose an appropriate design among different variants. This case is a good organizer, which will be useful for any artist or even a make-up designer. And, of course, it will stand students and schoolchildren in good stead. The product doesn’t contain any items, so you may fill it with whatever you want.

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9. Studio Designs Comet Center with Stool

Studio Designs Comet Center with Stool

One of the best ways to inspire an artist’s mood is to provide them with an awesome workplace. And this comet center is just an ideal variant. There are storage drawers for keeping all the necessary items. They move softly and quietly. And a special desktop is perfect for drawing, painting, and designing. It’s possible to regulate its tilt angle to find the most convenient position. A soft small stool is cozy and comfortable for sitting and it also doesn’t take much place. Besides, it’s possible to choose one of several designs, so you’ll certainly find something you like.

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10. KomalC Leather Pen Case

KomalC Leather Pen Case

If you are in search of gifts for young picturer, turn your attention to KomalC leather pen case. It’s a handcrafted item with vintage design. Its finest buffalo leather looks gorgeous and is pleasant to touch. Besides, it’s soft, so you can wrap it around for convenient usage. There are seven slots for artistic instruments. It’s suitable for keeping pens, pencils, and brushes inside. It also has the main section, so it is possible to use it as a purse or to keep small notes and sketches there. Such case is appropriate not only for students but for professionals. The supreme quality of leather guarantees that it’s possible to use this case every day without a feat it’ll be damaged.

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All in all, this list shows that the diversity of gifts for artists is wide. It gives an opportunity to find the right presents for child artists, for teenagers and adults, for amateurs and professionals. Each of the gifts is aesthetically attractive and useful. Artists rarely are down-to-earth people and their mind is full of ideas and images. So they may have not enough time for organizing their workplace. Show your care and concern improving the material side of their life.


1. Has Art Changed Over Time?

Art has a long and fascinating history of development according to a variety of technologies and types of worldview. It was originated in prehistoric times when it was related to different rituals and shamanism. Further, during the period of Ancient civilizations, it existed in conditions of various pagan religions. But we also can find brilliant pieces of art, which decorate items for domestic needs.

Medieval Ages gave humanity solemn and magnificent examples of devotion to God, made in a filigree manner. Renaissance presents a harmonious combination of earthly pleasures and religiosity. It was the time when the realistic tradition of painting was originated.

The modern age, which began since the 16th century, is associated with higher speed of changes in style than it was in previous epochs. Baroque, Rococo, Classicism, Romanticism, Realism, Naturalism and so on appeared in this period. One more thing to mention, the 19th century is the century when artists began their experiments and protest against Academism. Then, at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries begins a short period of Modern (don’t confuse this term with Modernism), which was the final stage of classical art.

Following Modernists’ search changed the world of art forever. Such styles as Cubism, Futurism and Surrealism were truly revolutionary. The main feature of the 20th century is that it had no main art direction, but different styles. Moreover, it is connected with the fast development of cinema and photography. Postmodern art, which appeared in the second half of the 20th century and exists till nowadays, suggests the diversity of types. It also develops in conditions of the evolution of high technologies, which have a great influence on art. Besides, in this time appear such ways of creativity, as Happenings, Performances, Land Art, etc.

2. When Did Art Start?

First pieces of art, that the archeologists found, had been made 75 thousand years BC. The Prehistoric Art reached its highest point of evolution in the Upper Paleolithic period. The art of this époque presents figurines of goddesses, rock paintings, petroglyphs, beads, and bracelets. The images are connected with a mythological worldview. Many paintings show magical rituals or shamanic practices. In this period also begins the genesis of writing, as we can see symbol-like images in the caves. Besides, some images show aspects of the daily life of primitive people, there are even Paleolithic self-portraits.

3. What Kinds of Arts Are There?

In previous historical periods, the classification of art was different. According to actual classification, there are Visual, Literary, Performing, Multidisciplinary and Applied Arts. Visual Arts include Architecture, Ceramics, Conceptual Art, etc. Literary arts are connected to different genres of literature. Such parts of art as opera, ballet and film are Multidisciplinary Arts. They can unite visual arts, music, literature, dance, and fashion. Another category is Applied arts, it is related to designing of objects of everyday life. Art critics argue if it is possible to call video games a kind of art, as it’s a very young genre. Gastronomy, Visage, Tattooing as kinds of art are also debatable. There are no definitive opinions about their attachment to art. Besides, there is a discussion of whether Philosophy is an art or not.

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