The Best Gift Ideas for Star Wars Fans

The Best Gift Ideas for Star Wars Fans

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Star Wars saga caused a revolution in the film industry. George Lucas managed to create the whole universe full of mysterious creatures, weird aliens, brave Jedi and villainous Sith Lords. Many films, cartoons, and video games provide people with the chance to get into the atmosphere of wonderful adventures. And it’s no wonder that there are millions of Star Wars fans.

In case you know a person who is obsessed with this amazing universe, you definitely need to get acquainted with the gifts described below. There you’ll find unique presents related to Star Wars. You can choose any of them to surprise your friends or family members on their birthday or any other holidays including Christmas or New Year’s Day. Be sure that whatever you select, any Star Wars fan will be lost in admiration when you present them with one of these gifts.

Top 10 Gifts for Star Wars Fans

Do you know a person who is dreaming to try the meal prepared by Master Yoda? Or, maybe, there is someone who adores both sushi and Star Wars. Be sure that the presents from this list will satisfy any fan of the universe created by George Lucas. All that you need to do is just to select the right gift. May the Force be with you!

1. Death Star Floating Speaker

Death Star Floating Speaker

The Death Star is a dangerous and deadly weapon that can destroy the whole planet in a couple of seconds. And with the help of this floating Bluetooth speaker, anyone can get this feat of engineering.

Its awesome design in combination with green and black colors will attract anyone. Inside the package, you’ll find a floating speaker with a magnetic charging dock provided with LED indicators. The Death Star will be floating elegantly over the base while amazing your friend with wonderful sound. Also, the great fact is that it’s possible to use this device as a portable Bluetooth speaker.

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2. Star Wars Visual Dictionary

Star Wars Visual Dictionary

What do you know about the Knights of Ren or Sith troopers? With the help of this book, any Star Wars fans are able to expand their knowledge of the favorite universe. The 200-page dictionary includes tons of interesting facts, artworks, and behind-the-scenes photos related to the “Rise of Skywalker” movie.

Any true fan should read this amazing book if they want to know more about the main characters of the new trilogy. Additionally, it’s possible to purchase a Kindle version of this visual dictionary. You can be sure that your friend will be over the moon when you present them with such a cool gift.

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3. Star Wars Classic Graphic T-Shirt

Star Wars Classic Graphic T-Shirt

If you know someone who adores the original Star Wars trilogy, you may be sure that this person will be glad to receive a T-shirt designed with a vintage movie poster. What is more, it’s made of 100% cotton and is produced by a reliable USA manufacturer. Fifth Sun knows how to satisfy its clients. This company has been among the leader of the clothing industry for more than 25 years.

This gift is ideal for the fans that choose the Dark Side. The print is designed with the picture of Darth Vader, stormtroopers, the Death Star and the famous Star Wars logo. And it goes without saying that the T-shirt is very comfortable, so your friend or family member will be wearing it with great pleasure.

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4. Star Wars Comforter for Girls

Star Wars Comforter for Girls

Not only boys adore watching the adventures of brave Jedi Knights but a lot of girls also like the Star Wars franchise. And especially for these young ladies, Jay Franco manufactured this comforter. It’s designed with the pictures of the far galaxy in combination with beautiful flowers.

The company uses only high-quality polyester in the production process to ensure the comforter won’t harm the child’s health. Besides, due to reliable material, it’s absolutely fade-resistant and machine washable. You won’t face any difficulties while cleaning this comforter. Additionally, it can help you to decorate the children’s room and create a fantastic atmosphere there.

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5. Star Wars Cookbook

Star Wars Cookbook

There a lot of interesting and tasty dishes showed in Star Wars games, movies, and animated series. And with the help of this cookbook, anyone can taste Endorian tip-yip or Parwan nutricakes. The author managed to recreate the recipes of tasty dishes from Naboo, Endor and other planets of the far galaxy.

Inside, you’ll find instructions you need to follow to cook various sauces, soups, main courses, and drinks. This is a must-have book of any Star Wars fan as well as a person who adores a unique dining experience.

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6. IELEK Stormtrooper Whiskey Flask

IELEK Stormtrooper Whiskey Flask

This is an excellent present for anyone who likes both whiskey and Star Wars movies. The flask is made of high-quality glass that is extremely tough. It looks like the helmet of a stormtrooper and may become a cool decoration if you decide to organize a Star Wars party.

The great fact is that the manufacturer offers a money-back guarantee. In addition, the company will replace the whiskey flask in case there are any defects or damages.

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7. Music Box with Star Wars Theme

Music Box with Star Wars Theme

Music boxes become more and more popular and right now they are considered to be creative presents that can amaze any person. And, of course, there is a special music box with a Star Wars theme produced by a well-known Youtang company.

This tiny item is carved with awesome patterns that make it even more attractive. In addition, you can visit the manufacturer’s website to check the sound and make sure that it’ll satisfy your friend or family member. Take into account that this music box is small enough to be put in a pocket, so it’s possible to take it whenever the person wants. It’s no-brainer that this item will provide you with a wonderful chance to make a day of a true Star Wars fan.

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8. R2-D2 App Enabled Droid

R2-D2 App Enabled Droid

Sphero company is known for the production of top-quality toys that can attract not only children but also adults. And luckily for all Star Wars fans, this manufacturer developed this amazing droid.

It’s possible to control a tiny R2-D2 using your smart device. Also, you can let the droid patrol a certain area automatically. What is more, it’s fully programmable and has various animations. This toy opens a variety of ways to entertain a kid as well as provides an opportunity to learn new coding skills.

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9. Citizen SW Limited Edition Watch

Citizen SW Limited Edition Watch

Do you know someone who adores the watches produced by the famous Citizen? Then you definitely need to present this person with this accessory that pays tribute to the original Star Wars trilogy. There are watches that have various designs related to well-known characters such as Darth Vader and Han Solo.

And this model is a choice for any fan of Luke Skywalker. The watch design includes various elements related to this Jedi such as lightsaber, helmet decals, and rebel insignia. Furthermore, this accessory is absolutely eco-friendly. There is no need to use batteries because it can convert any light into energy. The band is made of top-quality nylon. Probably, it’s one of the most impressive gifts for a person who adores old Star Wars movies.

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10. Lightsaber Chopsticks

Lightsaber Chopsticks

There are a lot of ways to have fun while eating and these lightsaber chopsticks provide such an opportunity. Also, it’s possible to use them to amaze any kid or grown-up. They are portable and light, so anyone can put them in a pocket and take them to a sushi restaurant.

The chopsticks are designed with LEDs that illuminate in bright colors. And you shouldn’t worry about your health because the sticks are totally BPA free. It goes without saying that this is a great gift idea for any person who adores Japanese cuisine and lightsabers.

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Star Wars opens the door to a fantastic universe and it’s no wonder that the fans of this franchise like creative and unusual presents. There are no doubts that they’ll be flushed with happiness when you provide them with gifts listed above. Besides, don’t forget to check out the best gifts ideas for geeks, in case you want to find out more presents for your friends and relatives.

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