The best Fortnite gifts in 2019

The best Fortnite gifts in 2019

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The passion for computer games is becoming an increasingly popular hobby among both children and adults. Overall, there are several games which are familiar to literally everybody. Fortnite is a multiplayer online game, and, so far, the biggest hit of 2018. The reasons for its enormous popularity are an interesting plot and great accessibility, as well as great graphics and ease of gameplay. More than 45 million people have already played this game on various platforms, including PCs, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles.

According to statistics from the Google Trends service, the number of searches for Fortnite has outpaced the interest in Bitcoin and Minecraft. Besides, when rapper Drake and streamer Ninja played several matches in Fortnight together, over 630,000 Twitch users watched their stream. And this is an absolute record among non-competitive entries.

No wonder, there are lots of Fortnite fans all over the world. And their friends and relatives regularly face a problem of choosing gifts for them. Many people are not aware of all the subtleties and nuances of modern computer games. So it may be a difficult task to prepare an appropriate present.

Top Fortnite gifts

If you are in a quandary and don’t know what items to choose for your beloved relatives and friends, we have prepared a top-list of Fortnite gifts for you. This kind of ranking distinguishes with its individual approach. Thus, you can find several Fortnite gifts ideas to satisfy any taste of versatile personalities.

Hoodies for Men

One of the most common and desired gifts is outerwear with the logos of your favorite game. It always looks stylish and it will be in daily use. For many people, not for gamers only, it is important to wear comfortable and not hampering clothes.  Hoodies by Guerilla Tees are exactly what you need to choose an interesting and useful gift at the same time. These clothes will be especially suitable for those who lead an active lifestyle or prefer a casual style. A funny design is a promoter of a good mood for long: a gamer’s heartbeat connected to a joystick. In general, these hoodies are black and available in several sizes from small to XXX-large.

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If you don’t want to stop on items available in one color only, then hoodies by Indica Plateau are the right choice. You can choose out of nine different versions, including maroon, navy blue, forest green, charcoal grey, etc. The game humor is relevant in this case: the main detail of the product’s design is a phrase “Straight Outta Tilted Towers”.

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Besides, both manufacturers guarantee the premium quality of their clothes and use of safe materials and fabrics only.
Hoodies are a wonderful gift for your male relatives and friends. These men’s clothes can be worn with a leather jacket, a coat, and a classic or knitted blazer. Overall, such Fortnite gifts for him are a great choice for any occasion.

Socks for all intents and purposes

3D Printed Socks

Socks have long ceased to be a prosaic everyday accessory. The importance of this item is difficult to overestimate. They protect feet from rubbing and other problems. Walking without socks has a negative influence on hygiene in general. In addition, socks with interesting prints are the final part of the style in many cases. This can be said about the socks by YX Girl as well. This brand uses 3D digital full printing to create a great design. Their socks are available in two versions. Both of them have images of Fortnite game characters. In addition, this product is unisex. Depending on the size, it can fit men’s, women’s, and children’s feet perfectly.

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Elevate Apparel and Gear also offers great socks with a stunning Fortnight design for the whole family. This product is incredible for either active training or casual wear due to their moisture wicking capabilities.

Fortnite Athletic Compression Dri-Fit Socks

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Both of these manufacturers provide customers with high-quality Fortnite themed gifts. Overall, the designs of these items convert the basic element of clothing into a stylish thing.

T-shirts for Youth

A T-shirt is a universal and an irreplaceable thing. It goes well with skirts, jeans, shorts, pants, leggings, and so on. With the help of such wear, it is not a problem to create a stylish look. When buying this item, it is necessary to remember that any clothing should reflect the teenager’s individuality. We want to offer you products of three reputable manufacturers. They follow both all the necessary standards of quality and safety and modern trends and tendencies at the same time.

UPG Campus Apparel’s T-shirts are perfect for a night out in the city or relaxing at home. The “Floss like a Boss” design will definitely bring many positive emotions to your kid and make him or her dance and have fun. You can choose out of thirteen different versions, including purple, spider baby blue, gold, azalea, royal, etc. Such a product is machine washable and easy to care.

Floss like a Boss T-shirt

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Another product from the USA is made by Go All Out. This brand uses 100% cotton for their T-shirts. This material is suitable for both machine and hand washings, maintaining the original appearance for long. The “ Where We Droppin’ Boys?!” design is funny and unusual. This item is available in several sizes and twelve colors, including safety green, oxford, orange or black.

Go All Out Youth Where We Droppin' Boys T-Shirt

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One more manufacturer pleases the customers with an interesting and humorous design of their products. The Ann Arbor T-shirt Company uses top-notch inks to save the quality of printing as long as possible. This brand also cares for the environment and uses only eco-friendly materials. It is designed to be a unisex product. And the I Paused My Game to Be Here” printing suits the modern game theme perfectly.

I Paused My Game to Be Here | Funny Video Gamer Gaming Player Humor Joke for Men Women T-Shirt Sport Grey

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We believe that the chosen three designs of T-shirts make these items incredible Fortnite related gifts for teenagers on any occasion.

Amazing Drawing Book for Kids

The Fortnight audience is so multifaceted that even children play this game. There are multiple opportunities to choose a great gift for a kid. But it is definitely a wonderful idea to combine pleasure with benefit. The unofficial paperback book “How to Draw Fortnite: Learn to Draw Skins” by Osie Publishing is exactly what you need for this purpose. With the product’s help, your children will spend time effectively and have fun while improving their creative and fine motor skills. In addition, such items are necessary for the development of attentiveness, perseverance, and spatial imagination.

How to Draw Fortnite: Learn to Draw Skins

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This item can also be used as a coloring book. Overall, this tutorial how to draw twenty different characters of a favorite game makes such a product an excellent example of Fortnite gifts for kids.

An Accessory for Everyone

Bracelets are a wonderful alternative to satisfy the taste of your friends or relatives, regardless of their occupation and age. Due to great adjustability, the Arget product can fit literally any wrist. Their bracelet is made of top-premium stainless steel with silicone. These materials make this product last for years. The manufacturer offers four different designs in the Fortnite style. Lovers of this game will be mad keen on such a gift.

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A Board Game for the Whole Family

According to the statistics, every tenth person has played Monopoly at least ones. We think that these data definitely characterize it as a game for absolutely all people, regardless of age, gender, and hobbies. Fortnite Edition by Monopoly is a stunning gift for all the game lovers. This product comes with twenty-seven special outfits. It is available for simultaneous play of seven participants maximum. Overall, this edition of Monopoly is a nice opportunity to surprise your friends and relatives who are Fortnite fans.Monopoly Fortnite Edition Board Game Inspired by Fortnite Video Game

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Wrap It Up

Games have always been and still remain one of the most desired gifts. But apart from them, there are still a lot of near-game things that any keen gamer wouldn’t refuse to have.

Of course, this is not the full list of the best Fortnite gifts. But these products allow anyone to prepare the most appropriate and wonderful present for the game fans of all ages and interests.

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