Tea Infuser Travel Glass Bottle

You can never have enough tea! Morning tea, cup of tea at work, tea break, tea gathering with friends. If you are on the lookout for a gift for a tea fan, we have a great tea on the go solution for you! The Tea infuser travel glass bottle is definitely will help you to have your favorite drink everywhere with you. Nothing can stop a tea person to grab a cup of tea or more. Designed specifically for loose leaf tea: black or green, herbal or rooibos, hibiscus, and many more. Huge variety of tastes are always so handy. By the way, the bottle comes in a stylish tube box, thus you have a gift ready to give.


What are the features of this tea thermos worth mentioning?

There is no point in discussing the difference between drinking from plastic or glass mug, even if it is high quality plastic. The eco-friendly material of the bottle provides pleasant tea experience. No plastic taste or smell. Besides, nice detail it is possible to see the strength of the tea through the clear glass. The bottle is temperature resistant, you can totally therefore fill it with hot water. Don’t worry you get burned. Double walled glass keeps the heat insulated. But leave your guess it is too heavy because of the glass. Moreover, there is a thermostat sleeve as a nice touch for easy portability and holding it in hands with maximum convenience.

Dozens of flavors to your desire

Prepare hot tea a cold drink to take with you anywhere you go. For instance, fruit water with lemon, apple or orange slices, mint leaves, detox tea, matcha tea, iced water, etc. There are so many choices to try!

How does it work?

The Tea infuser travel glass bottle features a glass body, stainless steel lids and tea infuser. Open a bottom lid, put the tea ingredients in a tea infuser, and screw a lid back on. Then unscrew a top lid, pour hot or cold water. Wait a few minutes for tea brewing. Enjoy!

A mesh basket is removable; you can use the item just as a water bottle.