Tea Drops

How many tea lovers in your family? If there are lots of them, we have something special for such kind of persons. Today, our discovering is a set of medium herbal Tea Drops. This product is made of 100 % organic raw material via pressing technology. Thanks to the finely ground tea leaves, these tea drops do not need the teabag. The leaves that used in the tea drops are also mixed with sugar and spices. Thus, the Tea Drops is a perfect solution for the cup of favorite beverage to go.

The herbal Tea Drops with medium taste is a perfect item to stay together for the honest conversation. The cute wooden package of this set makes it a perfect small gift for your loved ones. So, do not lose the opportunity to give some pleasure to your family members, friends, or coworkers. Select it beyond doubt for Valentine’s Day, Birthday party, or for any other occasion.

Reasons to choose the Tea Drops for inveterate tea drinkers in your life:

100 % herbal components

The samplers by Tea Drops includes the natural tea leaves, raw sugar, and appropriate spices. The pack includes 8 drops for an enjoyable beverage: 2 pieces of each of 4 various types of tea mix. Each of types has a difference in cute shapes and colors.
Inside the box you will find:

  • “Refreshing Citrus Ginger” with ginger, orange, and lemon
  • “Energizing Matcha Green Tea
  • “Cooling Sweet Peppermint” with peppermint with spearmint leaves
  • “Calming Rose Earl Grey” with rose petals and bergamot oil

It doesn’t need the bags for tea, because of dissolving in the cup

Enjoy the cup of favorite beverage anywhere you go. The Tea Drops relieve you from the mess of tea leaves and tea bags. This blissful herbal mix needs nothing except boiled water and a mug. And thanks to the finely-sourced loose leaves, the drops dissolve in the cup, leaving a little amount of sediment. One drop is enough for 8-12 oz of liquid.

Friendly to environment product

The Tea Drops is a pleasant product for mindful persons. All drops and package is a result of production that keeps planet Earth in mind. This set is made of natural, whole-recyclable and compostable materials.