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TailGater Tire Table

The road is calling!

Let’s the adventure begins together with TailGater Tire Table. If you can’t imagine your life without traveling by car, this portable table is a great helper. Both for single trip-lovers or big traveling-family, the tire-mounted table can be a useful addition for your adventure. This item helps to discover new places and countries, and have tasty breaks everywhere you want. Due to the collapsible design, it does not take much space in the car or in the trunk. Tailgater Tire Table is suitable for the different types of vehicles and tires. Also, it will be perfect for grill party in the backyard. Choose this table if you want to spend more time with family via car camping. Or select as a gift for close to you road-lover.

Advantages of TailGater Tire Table:

Easy to install

The TailGater Tire Table is a perfect addition for long-term trips. This table helps you to have a comfortable rest while traveling. Use it to serve meals for enjoyable lunch-breaks. This table is made of durable steel and has a foolproof design. It can be used on each of tires, or even on a rear spare tire. Moreover, you do not need tools to setup it. So, how does it work? The tire is making the main supporting power of table. Also, there is a center folding leg which is retracted off after usage. Everything you need to install the table is to hook it behind the tire via using an ad hoc slider. Next step is the attaching of two additional legs. They will rely on the front of the tire and will provide additional support.

Strong support on any earthen surface

As we mentioned earlier, the Tire Table by TailGater uses the tire as the main prop. It is also mean that such table has excellent stabilization properties. It perfect works on the different ground conditions. Due to that and additional folding leg, the table is handling up to 50 lbs. If you are in doubt, try it by your own experience!

Suitable for workers

The TailGater Tire Table should be in every garage and construction site. Why is it? Try to put heavy equipment on this table, instead of the floor. And your back will answer this question instead of us.

Portable design

Thanks to the size of 29 (Length) x 23 (Width) x 1.5 (Thickness) inches the TailGater Tire Table is suitable for both cars and trunks. Also, due to lightweight design (under 13 lbs), this table can follow you everywhere you go.