Suspend Family Game

Interactive game for entire family – that is what can bring all the members together for a happy playtime. Do you think the same way? If yes, then Suspend family game is definitely for you! This award-winning board game will rightfully earn a significant place in your favorite-games list. It has every chance to entertain kids, adults and grandparents. Appropriate for kids from 6 years and up. Educational and challenging, it is supposed to catch your interest for long. The game helps a kid to improve hand-eye coordination, patience and analytical abilities. Parents will be happy to involve all the family and to spend meaningful time together. Works best with 4 players, or one can play it by him/ herself. Lots of fun in both cases!

Suspend family game appears to be a cute gift idea for your relatives or friends who have children. Christmas, Thanksgiving or any other occasion suits perfectly. Give them a cause for exciting moments to share! Enjoy screen-free activity!

What is the goal of the game?

Balancing is the goal you have to achieve while playing. It is not as easy as it sounds. Think up your next crafty move to keep the delicate construction balanced. And get ready the youngest player might win!

Some words about the key features and the rules

The game includes 24 play rods, 4 frame rods, steady wooden base. Roll the dice and take your turn to hang a stick on the growing tower. Watch out! The building transforms and its balance shifts with every turn. You have to logic out every next move, and to visualize what will balance and what will not since you add a piece. One wrong move ­­­– and the sculpture is crashing down!

What is the brand?

Suspend game is designed by well-known US brand ‘Melissa & Doug’. They create fun, developmental and imagination-sparking toys for 30 years and even more.