Sunrise Simulator Alarm Clock

Morning usually sets the tone for the rest of the day. What can we expect after waking up with stressful alarm? There is a great solution for a gentle wake up experience. Don’t believe it is possible? You are not an early riser and you have just accepted to have a hard time with getting up? The Sunrise simulator alarm clock will turn your morning rush into a nice and pleasant start of the day. This fantastic product will make you believe you can feel refreshed and happy in the morning. No more shocked awakes, no more pushing the snooze button again and again before you can get up.

If you wish to help your special ones to wake up easier, this clock appears to be a great gift. Students, office workers and everyone who has to be on time in school, in college, at work will be glad to receive this. Or maybe someone of your friends is on his ‘miracle morning’ journey? In this case, the clock will be completely helpful.

What is the greatest part of the Sunrise simulator alarm clock?

The light turns on half an hour before pre-set alarm time. The sunlight grows very gently at first and gets brighter exactly like sunrise. By the time alarm goes, it will light up the whole room. It is a great opportunity to come out from a deep sleep in a natural progressive way.

Choose color modes and alarm sound to your liking. There are six various colors and adjustable white light. Set up your favorite color or auto converse. White light features 10 brightness levels. Check out alarm options: sounds of ocean, forest, bird singing, piano, etc., or just FM radio.

The alarm clock offers a sunset mode as well, so you can use it as a desk lamp.