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Stompeez Animated Batman Plush Slippers

Superhero slippers “Batman” for real men! Stompeez Animated Batman Plush Slippers possess secret superpower, they are perfectly comfy and original. They will definitely amaze and improve the mood!

Ordinary home slippers look boring and uninteresting! Refuse stereotypes, fill in daily grind with funny and bright things!

Do you have friends or family members who are fans of the superhero genre and dreaming of being like Batman? Make them a pleasant surprise — buy Batman slippers. Peace, calm and justice will always be in the house where Batman is.

The design of slippers has Batman wings. It’s great! Wings are moving! When you take the step wings flap up and down.

Batman Slippers are made of high quality cloth that are easy to wash. A non-slip bottom protects your safety, you can walk, run and play without sliding.

Batman Slippers are fluffy & super soft. They will be an excellent present to a Batman fan.