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Steamfast Mini Travel Steam Iron

If you travel for business often you have faced the problem of ironing your clothes at the hotel. To get an iron you need to go to the reception, get an ironing desk somewhere, install it at your room and then bring everything back. At the same time, the iron might be dirty, broken, taken by someone or not available at all. And there you are, going to the meeting in rumpled clothes. What impression would your partners and clients have? On the other hand, you can come to the meeting in a perfectly ironed shirt and will gain respect and a positive attitude. For this Steamfast mini travel steam iron will be a perfect helper.

Key features of the Steamfast mini travel steam iron

  • This may be the smallest fully functional steam iron in the world. You can take it with you everywhere and not worry about excessive size or weight. It will fit easily even in the hand luggage. Its sizes are: height – 3.1 inches; width –  2.9; depth – 5.3 inches. The weight of the iron is less than 1 lb.
  • The iron is extremely fast to heat up. It takes a 1.4-ounce water tank 15 seconds to fully heat up. There are a 1-touch steam control button and 3 temperature modes. Thus you can proceed to ironing immediately and different modes will let you iron any material. The measuring cup has a maximum 1.1 ounce mark. This is the mark to which you should fill the water.
  • This mini iron has 420 watts of power so it can remove wrinkles from any fabric. There is an anti-slip handle on this travel iron which ensures an improved grip. A 7.5-foot power cord will make ironing comfortable at any reasonable distance from the power socket.
  • What is important about this Steamfast mini travel steam iron is that you can take it with you anywhere in the world. It switches between 100 and 240 volts regimes.
  • The package of the iron includes a special travel bag and a plastic measuring cup.

This mini iron will be a perfect gift for someone who travels on business a lot or who simply wants to look good even while traveling.  Also here is our selection of other travel-related gifts.