Star Wars Waffle Maker

The Force is balanced. You can feel it through the delicious waffles flavor from the kitchen. It induces your loved husband, boyfriend, brother or son to do what you want. To take out the trash? Ok! To walk with the dog on a rainy morning? Yes, with pleasure! To wash up the dishes? It is not a problem! If you cook a breakfast via Star Wars Waffle Maker, the energy will be with close to you persons throughout all day. Choose it as a gift for yourself, your family members, good friends, or other Star Wars lovers. It will be an awesome item for Christmas, Birthday, Thanksgiving Day, and any other occasions. Thanks to the shape of Darth Vader both adults and children will like this waffle cooker.

Join the dark side!

The Star Wars Waffle Maker helps you to make unusual breakfast or meal for a snack. Thanks to the five temperature control option you can cook the different types of waffles: tender, fluffy, golden, brown, crispy, etc. Just turn of the dial. Dual indicator lights tell you when it is time to add butter or take the waffle off.

The Star Wars Waffle Maker comes with the non-stick cooking plate. The coating prevents waffles of getting stuck. Nevertheless, we recommend pouring a little butter inside or use cooking spray. Pay attention: do not scratch the plates, clean them with a damp cloth and non-abrasive cleanser.

Cooking for fun

The Star Wars Waffle Maker is a large field for great cooking experience. Try different receipts to achieve the best results. If you use your imagination and creativity, you can make not only waffles but fluffy pancakes. This waffle maker is pretty easy to use. So your older kids can assist you in preparing meals for all family.